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6 replies

  1. Must supporting documentation for Category 2 (Non English Speaking Background) be posted to your office or can it be scanned/fax to VTAC. If they can scanned/faxed, please provide email address or fax number.

  2. Is Unit 1 and Foundation Mathematics a pre-requisite for any higher education courses?

    Also, where institutions have specified ‘any mathematics’ as a pre-requisite can it include Unit 1 and 2 Foundation Mathematics if a sequence of Unit 3 & 4 Further Mathematics is taken?

    • Dear Alice. Foundation Mathematics can only be considered as a prerequisite for courses that list Units 1 and 2 Mathematics (any) as a prerequisite. As Foundation Mathematics is only a Unit 1 and 2 study it is not considered when Unit 3 and 4 mathematics studies are required.

  3. My son’s school has put in a submission but they are telling us that we cannot see the submission for legal reasons. Is this correct? I would like to know what has been submitted to VCAA with regards to my son needing extra time for VCE exams. Thanks in advance

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