Impact Statements and Statements of Support

When you submit a SEAS application, for most of the categories you will need to provide some sort of evidence to prove or describe your educational disadvantage. There are two types of statements: ●  Impact statement (provided by you, the applicant) ●  Statement of support (provided by a relevant responsible […]

Should I apply for special consideration?

Submitting your application and not sure if you qualify for SEAS or special consideration? Read on, it may be easier than you think. What is SEAS? The Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) is for applicants who have experienced educational disadvantage. SEAS is an umbrella program run by most institutions. Some […]

Applying to study mid-year

Feel like you missed the boat for courses last year? Changed your mind and want to re-apply for something different? Mid-year applications are now open! If you had an application with VTAC from the end of 2015 and you would like to apply to study, commencing Semester 2, 2016 you […]

Other offer options

Supplementary offers Some institutions make supplementary offers after Round Two if they have places available. If you applied for courses with VTAC course codes ending in 1, 2 and 4, you may receive supplementary offers if you have not received an offer in any of the previous offer rounds. Applicants […]

Selection Data: what does it mean?

In the newspaper supplements and on the VTAC website you would have seen the selection standards for each course making offers through VTAC in the current year. The following is a break down about what the data means. The data represents the selection standard for Round One, Undergraduate offers for […]

Change of Preference: your questions answered

How does Change of Preference work? Change of Preference will reopen after each offer round, and close before the next one (until the last round). While Change of Preference is open, you can add, remove, and reorder your preferences as many times as you like from the ‘Course Application’ tab […]