Course Preferences

Offers and Opportunities

Didn’t receive an offer? Some courses are particularly competitive, and the strength of the candidates means that achieving an offer for the course is particularly difficult. Other things to consider: •     Have you paid your application processing fee? Only paid applicants are eligible for an offer. •     Did you submit […]

Courses with early closing dates

There are a number of courses at University of Melbourne and Monash University with early closing dates in August and September, 2016. Courses Closing in August The closing date for the following University of Melbourne, Southbank Fine Arts (VCA) courses is 5pm, Wednesday 31 August and no late applications will […]

Creating your own opportunities

Not everyone will receive a course offer today. If your name doesn’t appear in the newspaper or on the website supplement, you can: •    Check the permissions section of your VTAC user account to ensure that you have given VTAC permission to release your name to the newspapers. •    Check […]