About Selection

Selection for courses is done by each institution. VTAC doesn’t select applicants or have the power to influence decisions made by selection authorities at the institutions.

The application and selection system operates on the assumption that you have listed your preferences for courses in the order that you most want to get into them. Every course on your preferences list will consider your application, but you will only receive an offer from the highest-preference course that is willing to make you an offer in that round.

Your application for a particular course will be treated the same whether you list it as your first preference or your last preference. Institutions are not allowed to use preference level as a means of selection.

If you are not selected in the first round you will be considered equally with all other applicants for the second offer round and subsequent rounds.

Selection is the responsibility of each institution’s course selection authorities. When considering your application, course authorities take into account selection criteria, including published institutional and course entrance requirements, prerequisite studies, interviews, folios, supplementary forms and so on. For a list of criteria used by each course, refer to the selection criteria under each course entry.

Note: Only paid applications are passed on to institutions.

Selection criteria

While some courses select by ATAR, very few rely solely on this single measure. For many courses, other factors are also taken into consideration as part of the selection process.

When making selection decisions, course selection officers eliminate applicants who have not met the minimum course entry requirements. The remaining applicants are given further consideration (re-ranked) according to the published subject bonuses and other applicable special entry scheme criteria. These criteria may include performance in specific studies (including those listed as prerequisites), performance in auditions, interviews, portfolios or aptitude tests, and consideration for SEAS or for specific equity groups.

Selection data

Institutions publish information about the applicants that they make offers to in the form of Selection Data. Data from previous years should be used as a guide for 2017 entry.

Selection data includes:

•   The clearly-in ATAR
•   The percentage below the clearly-in ATAR
•   The total number of offers made across all rounds.

To find a course’s selection data, visit CourseSearch and use the search boxes to find your course. After you have clicked on the course you’ve applied for, scroll down until you see the following table:


Please note the above is an example from 2016 and includes both all rounds of data. Complete selection data won’t be available until the end of the offer period in February 2017.

The clearly-in ATAR

The clearly-in ATAR is the point at or above which all ranked (eligible) applicants who applied for a particular course were made an offer for that course, without any additional bonuses.

% Below

This represents the number of offers made to applicants whose actual ATAR was below clearly-in ATAR for that course.

For example, if the percentage of offers below the clearly-in ATAR is 25 per cent, then 25 per cent of current Year 12 students with an actual ATAR lower than the clearly-in ATAR received an offer from that course.

The clearly-in ATAR is based on the actual ATAR a student receives and is only relevant to applicants who are selected based on their ATAR (which is mostly Year 12 students).

Offers made to applicants below the clearly-in ATAR take into account additional bonusing which an applicant may be eligible for as part of one of the many institutional access and equity schemes, subject bonus or regional access schemes.

This means, in some cases, the clearly-in ATAR may be lower than the previously published minimum ATARs on government and institutional websites.


This column represents the total offers made to all applicants across all rounds (including the early offer round or one of the many access and equity schemes).

These totals do not represent the number of places accepted by applicants or the number of places available within the course.

Total CY12s indicates the number of offers made to all current Year 12 students.

Total Offers include the number of offers made to non-Year 12 applicants.

What if I can’t see selection data for a course?

Some courses may not publish selection data, which can be because there are very few offers made and any data would be distorted by such a small population, or where selection into the course is based on a range of criteria – folio, interview, audition, etc. – and where the ATAR is not the primary selection method.

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