Frequently Asked Questions: Offers

How can I access my offer?

Offer information is emailed to applicants by 2pm on the day of release, and will be available through your VTAC account from 2pm on the day.

If you have downloaded the VTAC app, you can access your offer through the app – you will need to login, and if you have logged in to the app previously, you will get a push notification when your offer is available to view.

When are offers released?

International Year 12 students

International round: 2pm, Monday 9 January 2017

Graduate Entry Teaching

Round 1: 2pm, Wednesday 11 January 2017

Round 2: 2pm, Friday 20 January 2017

All other offers

Round 1: 2pm, Wednesday 18 January 2017

Round 2: 2pm, Tuesday 7 February 2017

Offers are published in The Herald Sun, and will be available online from The Age and The Herald Sun websites.

I couldn’t find my name in the newspaper. Does that mean I did not get an offer?

Newspapers release the list of names online at 2pm on Wednesday 18 January. Your name will only be published if you’ve given permission to publish through your VTAC account (there was an ‘opt in’ question as part of the application process).

If you’re not sure whether or not you gave permission, login to your VTAC account and check under: Course Application > Newspaper offer publication choice

I can’t check whether or not I got an offer, because I lost my VTAC ID or PIN.

You can request your VTAC ID or PIN by clicking on this link. Your login information will be sent by email to the email address registered on your VTAC account.

I received an early offer in November last year, why is my name not in the newspaper?

Only offers made to domestic undergraduate and other graduate applicants in January 2017 are published in the newspapers.

I am an international student, why can’t I see my offer published?

Offers for International Year 12 students with course codes ending in 3 are available in your VTAC account from 2pm on Monday 9 January 2017.

International offers are not published in the newspaper.

How do I know if I received an offer for a government funded or fee place?

If the last number on your course code ends in 1, then you have been offered a place in a government funded course.

If your course code ends in 2, then you have been offered a full-fee paying place.

Course codes ending in 4 are for VET places where the fee type will be determined by the institution at enrolment.

For more information about fee types and eligibility check out course code information on the VTAC website.

When can I change my preferences?

Change of Preference will open between offer rounds. These dates are available on the VTAC website, see: Change of Preference dates.

We also posted a blog about the change of preference periods. See: Blog – When can I change my preferences?

Can I still change my preferences even after I’ve accepted an offer?

Yes. You can change your preferences as many times as you like when it is open, regardless of whether you have already received an offer and enrolled or not. Just keep in mind the opening and closing change of preference date and times.

How do I accept an offer?

Receiving an offer does not confirm your enrolment in the course. You must follow the enrolment instructions sent to you by the institution to secure your place.

If you have not received enrolment instructions directly from the institution within a couple of days of your VTAC offer email, please contact the institution. Also see the enrolment policies page and browse through individual institutions’ polices.

I have received an offer but I now want to do another course. What should I do?

Accepting and enrolling in an offer does not stop the offer process and doesn’t reduce your chances of getting an offer in a future round.

You’re automatically eligible for offers in future rounds for any course higher on your preference list than a course you’ve been offered.

If you have received an offer, you can still change your preferences around to be considered for courses lower on your preference list than the offer you’ve been made.

It’s recommended that you only decline an offer that you are absolutely certain you wouldn’t take, even if you don’t receive any other offers. To decline an offer, you don’t need to do anything; if you don’t enrol by the date and time specified in the offer advice from the institution, your offer will automatically lapse. The place that was offered to you will become available for someone else in a future round.

For more information about Change of Preference see: Changing your Course Preferences.

What if I get a better offer later?

If you have enrolled in a course and later receive an offer that you prefer, you can enrol in the new course. However, you must withdraw your previous enrolment.

If you need to withdraw, you must contact the institution for instructions. To formally withdraw, you generally need to submit your request in writing and you may need to complete an official form. In most cases you will be able to receive a refund of any fees you have paid, but some institutions may charge an administrative fee for this process.

I have received an offer but I can’t attend enrolment. What do I do?

If you can’t attend enrolment, you should contact the institution immediately and check what your options are. Some institutions may allow a nominee (someone you choose) to enrol on your behalf. If this is possible, you should provide your nominee with the enrolment instructions and the list of subjects you wish to be enrolled in.

Note: Assigning a nominee for enrolment must be approved by the institution making you an offer. Talk to the institution about their requirements.

I have received an offer but now want to defer. How do I do this?

Not all institutions allow deferment. To find out if it is possible and what you need to do to defer, you should check with the institution. In most cases, to formally defer your place, you will need to submit your request in writing and you may need to complete an official form. In some cases, you may even need to attend enrolment. Also see deferment policies for general guidelines from each institution.

I have not received an offer in Round 1. What do I do now?

Don’t worry – you may still be eligible for an offer in Round 2. You can wait to see if you receive an offer in Round 2, or you can opt to change your preferences. Consider adding pathway courses that lead you into your dream course – for example, a certificate course that articulates into a diploma course, or diploma that gives credit into a bachelor degree. Do some research with the institutions you’re thinking of applying to, and consider chatting with a pathways coordinator at the institution.

If you haven’t already, it might be worth opting in to the supplementary offer process.

What is the supplementary offer process?

Some institutions make supplementary offers after Round 2, if they have places available. It is available to applicants who:

1) Have not received an offer in any of the previous offer rounds (Early, Round 1, Round 2), and
2) have given VTAC permission to release their application to all courses with vacancies.

Supplementary offers are processed weekly during February and you will receive offer advice via your VTAC account.

Where can I give permission for supplementary offers?

To check and update your permission status, login to your VTAC account then under > Course Offers > Supplementary offer participation.

To be eligible for supplementary offers you need to tick ‘yes’ by 12noon on Wednesday 8 February 2017.

My enrolment information didn’t arrive. What should I do?

Contact the institution issuing the offer for advice.

I really thought I would receive an offer. Why didn’t I get one?

First check if you met all the prerequisites and completed the selection requirements for the course. Selection for many courses is competitive, with more people applying for the course than there are available places. If the courses you have applied to made selection decisions on the basis of the ATAR, you can get an idea of how competitive the course was by looking at the clearly-in information in the selection data report. If you have met all of these, and you would like specifics about why you were not offered a place, contact the institution directly as VTAC does not make selection decisions.

16 replies

  1. I’ve received an offer but I wanting to wait and see if i receive a better offer, should I still enroll for my first offered just incase?

    • Hi Jasmine, generally the deadline to accept an offer will be before second round offers are released, and if you leave it too long you will miss out on accepting. You can accept a course and still be considered for preferences higher in subsequent rounds.

  2. If I didnt get any offer in semester 1, would my application be included for semester 2 rounds of offer? Or do i need to apply and pay again in semester 2?

    • Hi Venus,

      You would need to apply and pay again for semester two. If you re-activate your current VTAC application at mid-year, a reduced application fee applies and your study claims and documents will be carried over from your current application.


  3. I have got 0.4 less than the clear-in Atar for business at Monash after adding my subject bonus points don’t have Sez are there any chances of getting at offer from Monash in 2nd round? Can I ask Monash for a negotiated offer please advise

    • Hi Shel,

      Negotiated offers no longer exist – instead you can now change your preferences between rounds. Just make sure that you’ve but the Business course as a higher preference than any offer you have already received.

      In terms of the chances, you would need to ask Monash – all selection decisions are made by institutions.


  4. i received an offer in the first round and realise it wasn’t for me i then didn’t receive an offer in the second round am i eligible for a supplementary offer process? and is there other rounds? or just the supplementary offer process

    • Hi, second round offers are released today, Tuesday 7 February at 2pm. You will only be eligible for Supplementary Offers if you have not received any offers at all.

    • Hi Sam, if you didn’t receive an email it may indicate you didn’t receive a Round 2 offer, but we recommend checking your VTAC account to confirm, as sometimes emails go to ‘spam’ or ‘junk’ folders.

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