Getting your VCE results and ATAR: knowing your PIN

To access your VCE results and ATAR you will need your VCAA student number and PIN.

What is your VCAA student number?

Your VCAA student number is the number you had when you were studying the VCE, and appeared on your exams. It is eight digits plus a letter if you are accessing your results online. It is different from your VTAC ID number.

If you are unsure of your student number please check the number on your mid-year VCE results or contact your school, they will have a record.


If you have not changed your Results Service PIN, it is the first four digits of your birthday, e.g. 3 February is 0302. This pin is not the same as your VTAC pin and you can change one without it changing the other.

If you have changed your Results Service PIN, it is the four digit number that you chose. If you have forgotten what you have changed it to, you can request it by email from the Results Service PIN change screen. If you have forgotten your pin and entered an incorrect email address please contact VTAC on 1300 364 133 for advice.

You do not need a VTAC user account to access your VCE results and ATAR.

Login to view your results from 7am, Monday 12 December via

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