Update to the VCE results and ATAR SMS registration service

Both the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) and the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) wish to advise all applicants that registrations for the SMS are now closed.

Registered already?

All students (irrespective of whether or not you have already received your VCE and ATAR) and who have registered for the service will receive their VCE results and ATAR from 7am on Monday 12 December.

To access your VCE results and ATAR:  
  1. Log on to the VCE Results and ATAR website (vic.edu.au) after 7am on the morning results are released.
  2. Receive them via SMS, if you have already registered.
  3. Wait for your results to arrive in the mail on Tuesday 13 or Wednesday 14 December. Please note that only VTAC applicants who have paid all processing fees will receive an ATAR statement in the mail.

For those just wanting to see their ATAR, if you have downloaded the VTAC CourseSearch app, you can link your VTAC account to view your ATAR from 7am on the morning that results are released.

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