Have you received an early offer?

Note: Current Year 12 students were not eligible to receive an early offer

Early offers were released on Friday, 18 November. If you’re not sure whether or not you received one, you can check the Course Offers page in your VTAC account.

If you received an offer in the early round, congratulations! If you did not, don’t stress – most offers aren’t made until First Round on Wednesday 18 January 2017, and you will still be considered for all of your preferences in future rounds.

If you did receive an early offer, the next step is to let the institution know that you would like to accept it and in some cases you can start enrolling right away. If you don’t take any action, the offer will lapse.

Accepting an offer and enrolling

After you receive the initial offer letter in the email inbox you nominated in your VTAC Account, the institution who has made it will contact you with instructions on how to accept the offer and enrol in the course.

You will need to follow the instructions outlined by the institution to accept the offer and continue. Make sure you pay close attention to any important dates specified by the institution, such as the date you need to accept the offer by, and any enrolment sessions or deadlines you need to be aware of.

If you do not enrol by the specific date and time stated on your offer message, your offer will lapse and the institution will assume you do not want to accept the offer. It’s important to note that the actions you need to take will be with the institution – you do not need to advise VTAC separately that you are accepting the offer.

How to enrol

For most institutions you can begin the enrolment process online, and attendance in person may only be needed at a later date. If required to attend in person, you will generally need to take photo ID with you and for Type 1 Commonwealth supported places (CSP places) you will need to provide your tax file number when enrolling in your new course.

If you are unable to attend an in-person enrolment session (for example if you are overseas at the time) you should contact the institution and check if a nominee (someone you designate to act on your behalf) can enrol for you. Assigning a nominee for enrolment needs to be done directly with the institution and needs to be authorised by them. This is a separate process to assigning a nominee for your VTAC application and your VTAC nominee will not be recognised by the institution.

Not sure if you want to accept the offer?

Even if you are waiting for a better offer in a future round, it is still a good idea to accept an early offer.

Accepting or rejecting an offer now does not change your chances of receiving an offer for a higher preference in a later round. Even if you accept an offer now and enrol in the course, you will remain eligible for a course higher on your preference list than the one you’ve accepted.

You will not receive another offer for the same course or anything lower than an offered course on your preference list.

As there are no guarantees you will receive another offer, we highly recommend that you accept this one and wait to see what happens. If you reject it and don’t receive an offer for a higher preference in future rounds, you might end up with no offer at all.

Changing preferences after the Early Offer round

To remain eligible for other preferences in future offer rounds, you need to ensure they are above your early offer in your preference list. This list can be edited during the Change of Preference periods.

For example, if you would like to be considered for all of your other preferences, you could accept and enrol in your early offered course to secure your place, but also modify your preferences in your VTAC Account to put your early offer at the bottom. You won’t be able to remove a course from your preferences that has already made you an offer, but you can move it around on your preference list.

Change of Preference reopened at 10 am, Monday 21 November 2016, and you can continue to edit your preferences for First Round offers up until 12 noon on Tuesday 20 December 2016. After this preference lists will be locked again.

What if I receive a better offer in a later round?

If you are made an offer in a later round for a course you prefer but have already enrolled in another one, you can accept the new offer and enrol in the new course. However, you must also formally withdraw from your previous enrolment.

To do this, you will need to contact your institution for instructions. Usually to withdraw you will be asked to submit an official withdrawal letter in writing. There may be some administrative fees applicable for withdrawing at some institutions, so be sure to ask about this when you contact them.

Remember, not all courses make early offers. A list of courses participating in early offers is published on the VTAC website. If the courses you have applied for are not listed here, it means you didn’t miss out – you just need to wait until the First Round of offers are released next year.

4 replies

  1. When will the list of courses that are participating in international early offers be published on the VTAC website?


    • Hi Nat,

      Offers will be sent out by email from the morning of that day – it takes a while to send that many emails, so we can’t confirm an exact time you might receive one. All emails will be sent by 2pm, and you’ll also be able to view offer advice on the VTAC website from 2pm onwards.


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