When Can I Change My Preferences?

If you have applied through VTAC to study in 2017, you will have several opportunities to change your course preferences throughout the application and offer period.

While Change of Preference is open, you can add, remove or re-order your preferences as much as you like.

After the closing dates, the preferences will be locked so institutions can make offers based on the courses you have listed. After offers for a particular round are made, Change of Preference will reopen at 10am on the following business day to allow you to make changes to preferences before the next round.

Changing your preferences could be a good idea if you’ve changed your mind about the course you most want to study, if you get your ATAR or other results back and want to amend your courses based on this, or if a course has been cancelled/a new one announced. Wven through you can change preferences all the through until Round 5, most offers are made in the first round. Make sure you finalise your preferences by the Round 1 deadline to maximise your chance of an offer.

There is no cost involved in changing your preferences, and you can change them as many times as you like while Change of Preference is open. When Change of Preference closes, the order of your preferences is locked and will be used for the next offer round, so make sure you are happy with your preferences before each Change of Preference period closes.

Please be aware that if you have a course on your preference list which had an early closing date you can re-order this preference but if you delete it, it cannot be re-added.

Change of Preference dates

If you are a domestic applicant applying for undergraduate courses, the below diagram shows the periods within which you are able to change your preferences. During the locked periods, institutions are preparing to make course offers, and you will only be able to view, not change, your course preferences.


Change of preference for undergraduate courses prior to Round 1 will also be open between 10am and 4pm on Wednesday 4 January to accommodate IB applicants and Western Australian Year 12 students, who do not receive their results in time for the 20 December closing date.

Note: If you are applying for international courses or graduate entry teaching courses, the diagram and dates above do not apply. Please refer to the Dates and Fees page for the relevant closing dates.

How to change your course preferences

If you have already submitted a Course Application with VTAC, you can change your preferences in 4 easy steps:

1. Log in to your VTAC Account, using your VTAC ID and PIN

2. Open your Course Preference List from the VTAC Account home page

3. Add, delete or re-order your preference

4. Submit by clicking the ‘Change My Preferences’ button at the end of the page

Note: if you have not registered for a VTAC Account yet, you can begin by clicking here.

For further information and advice about preferences and how the offer rounds work, read Changing Your Course Preferences.

3 replies

  1. If you got your 1st preference in round 1, but then changed your mind and made a different course your 1st preference, can you still get offers in subsequent rounds even though you got your original 1st preference in round 1?

  2. Hi Adam,

    Yes, you will be considered for any higher preferences than a course you have been offered (higher preference meaning AFTER change of preference – the original preference number doesn’t matter).


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