Early offers: am I eligible?

Early offers for courses commencing in the first semester of 2017 will be released on Friday 18 November 2016.

Offer advice will be sent by email before 2pm that day, and will also be available in your VTAC account from 2pm. To view your offer status, you can log in to your account and select ‘Course Offers’. Your offer advice will be followed by an email with enrolment instructions, sent from the institution making the offer.

Eligibility for Early Round Offers

You are only eligible to receive an offer in the early round if you:

● Are not currently completing Year 12 studies
● Submitted a course application and any necessary supporting documents before 5pm, Thursday 29 September 2016, and
● Paid the VTAC processing fee by 5pm, Wednesday 2 November 2016.

If you receive an early offer you will still be automatically considered for any higher preference courses in later offer rounds.

To be considered for courses lower on your preference list than the early offer received, you need to change your course preferences so any courses you would still like to be considered for are listed higher than the offer you have received. Change of Preference will reopen after the Early Round at 10am on Monday 21 November.

Participating Courses

Not all courses make early offers. If you have fulfilled all the above criteria but do not receive an offer in this round, it could be because the courses you have applied for are not making offers at this time.

The list of courses that are participating in early offers will be published on the VTAC website on Monday 21 November. VTAC is unable to advise whether or not a particular course will make early offers until this date.

The majority of courses will make offers next year. First round offers for undergraduate courses will be available on Wednesday 18 January 2017. Please see Dates and Fees for a complete list of offer dates, including for international places and graduate entry teaching courses.

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