Year 12 VCE students can now change Results Service PIN

Current Year 12 students studying the VCE will be able to view their ATAR and VCE results online and receive them by SMS when they are released at 7am, Monday 12 December 2016.

To access this information, you will need your VCE student number and Results Service PIN. By default, the Results Service PIN is the first four digits of your birth date (e.g. 0302 for 3 February).

For added security and to protect your privacy we strongly recommend that you change this PIN to one of your choice before results are released on Monday, 12 December. If the PIN isn’t changed, anyone who knows your student number and date of birth could access your results.

How to change the Results Service PIN

If you have a VTAC account, the PIN can be changed by logging in and clicking on ‘Manage Results Service PIN’ under Results and Offers on the account home page.

Manage Results Service PIN link in your VTAC account.


If you do not have a VTAC account, you can change the PIN here.

It’s important to note that changing this PIN number will only affect the Results Service, and will not replace the PIN number you use to login to the VTAC Account.

Current Year 12 VCE students will be able to view their subject results and ATAR online when results are released, and will be able to register to receive results via SMS (registration will open in early November).

More information about how to access your ATAR and results (including web, SMS, etc.) will be published on our blog closer to the release dates.

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