What is a Personal Statement?

If you have submitted a VTAC Course Application, you may have noticed that the questions we ask are limited to your personal details and educational qualifications.

But what if you have relevant work experience or personal achievements, want to write about your motivation for applying, or want to provide documents that might be relevant? The VTAC Personal Statement could be the right place to add this information to your application.

Firstly, it’s important to know that each course has different selection requirements. For some courses, the selection officers only need the information we ask for in the Course Application. Other courses, however, want to know a bit more about you and will encourage you to submit a Personal Statement.

The VTAC Personal Statement

The Personal Statement is an online form where you can tell institutions more about yourself and why you’re the right fit for their course. You can access it by clicking on ‘Personal Statement’ in the top menu of your VTAC Account.


Here you can provide details about work history and things like previous experience, community involvement and language proficiency, as well as your career goals and how the course could help you achieve them.

The Personal Statement form has five sections you can fill in (all contain character limits). The first four questions are general and can be viewed by all of the institutions in your preference list. Question five allows you to enter a short statement specific to each course preference, which can be selected from a drop down list. These are only able to be viewed by the relevant institution.


All of the questions in the Personal Statement are optional, however if the Selection Criteria for one of your course preferences lists it as a requirement, it’s a good idea to read all questions carefully to see if they apply to you.

Do I have to complete a Personal Statement?

The Personal Statement is a Selection Requirement for some courses – this means you must complete it in order to be considered for the course. For other courses, the Personal Statement might be listed as an Additional Consideration. This means completing it is optional, but the course will definitely look at it if you do.

To check whether the course you’re applying for needs a Personal Statement, use Course Search to find the courses in your preference list. If it’s a requirement it will be listed under the Selection Requirements section:


Check the selection criteria carefully for each course to see if the Personal Statement is listed. Some courses also have institution or course-specific instructions for how to fill out your statement, so look out for these too.

If the Personal Statement is not listed anywhere on the page of a course you’re applying for, then completing a Personal Statement is optional. While it may boost your application, there is no guarantee that it will be considered by the selection officers for courses where it’s not a requirement.

The Personal Statement form stays open until all offer rounds are finished, however there are particular closing dates by which you should make sure you have submitted the form. You can still edit your responses after these dates, but the course selection officers may have already looked at your application by then. For a full list of these dates, refer to the Dates and Fees page.

Can I attach documents to my Personal Statement?

Unless it is listed in the Selection Requirements of a course you are applying for, supplying documents in addition to the online Personal Statement is optional.

If you would like to provide a resume or any other information along with your online statement, this must be provided to us in hard copy only, along with a Personal Statement coversheet (which can be downloaded from your VTAC Account). The supporting documentation will then be scanned and attached to your application.

Still unsure if you have to submit a Personal Statement? You might like to submit one anyway – it only takes a few minutes, and might enhance your chances of getting an offer for your dream course.

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