Missed the SEAS deadline? What are your options?

The SEAS application and submission of supporting SEAS documentation is now closed.

Although there is no way to submit a SEAS application or SEAS documentation after the closing date, there are other options available to you if you would like to add information to your course application about how your studies have been affected or disadvantaged by circumstances out of your control. This can be done through the VTAC Personal Statement.

The VTAC Personal Statement is an application found in your VTAC account when you login. Question 3 in the VTAC Personal Statement allows you to outline circumstances that have affected your academic performance. You can also post hard copy supporting documents to VTAC using the Personal Statement cover sheet.

The Personal Statement is not a replacement for SEAS. The Personal Statement is not equivalent to submitting a SEAS application, however it is an opportunity for you to outline impacting circumstances.

There are other special consideration and bonus schemes not part of SEAS.  A number of institutions offer a series of programs targeted at specific circumstances and individuals.  To see if you are eligible for any of these programs go to Other Schemes Outside SEAS page on the VTAC website.

What if I applied for SEAS online but I have not been able to supply my SEAS supporting documentation before the closing date?

If we receive your SEAS documentation after the closing date, we will still add it to your application so that course selection officers at institutions have access to it but only in the VTAC Personal Statement section. In this case you should also fill in the VTAC Personal Statement online. It will then be up to the selection officers at individual institutions to decide if they will take your circumstances into consideration.

What if something arises after the SEAS closing date that affects my studies?

If your education has been adversely affected after the SEAS closing date you have a couple of options:

– Complete the VTAC Personal Statement. Once again, you can mention any circumstances that may have had an adverse impact on your study through question 3 of the VTAC Personal Statement.

– If you’re a current Year 12 applicanttalk to your careers teacher. Your VCE Coordinator or careers teacher should be able to help you with identifying whether you are eligible to apply for any special provisions offered by the VCAA and help you to apply. You may be eligible to apply for ‘special provision’ (previously called ‘consideration of disadvantage’) with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).
The VCAA is the body in charge of curriculum in Victoria and the assessment of the later years of secondary schooling. For more information on ‘special provision’, visit the VCAA website here.

Note: The submission date for the Personal Statement online and supporting documentation is 5pm, Wednesday 9 November for Graduate Entry Teaching (GET) courses and 5pm, Friday 2 December for offers in January and February.

40 replies

  1. I have submitted the seas application but missed the evidence statement. I know you said that I should fill out the Personal Statment but when I looked on there question 3 says that it can’t be used for the SEAS application. Not relly sure what to do now.

    • Hi Anna, using the personal statement is the next best option. Although your application isn’t treated in the same way as SEAS, it is an opportunity to send documents and include information related to SEAS in your application.

  2. Hi,
    I have a question.
    Are you required to attach documents and send certified documents in the post for SEAS?
    Thank you

  3. Hi! I don’t know if I’m unnecessarily stressing, but for evidence I submitted under Category 3 (financial disadvantage), I didn’t write my relationship to the person receiving the benefits next to their name printed on the document, I wrote it at the top of the document…Is this okay?

  4. I supplied my SEAS supporting documentation, but I forgot to write my name and the relation I have with the receiver at the top of the sheet. But it does have my name in the document itself, will it still be accepted?

    • Hi Kathy,

      The assessment panel may still accept your documents if there are enough details on the page to link to you. If you are submitting any documents for Scholarships (closing 5pm, Friday 14 October), best to write the name and relationship on these to be safe.


  5. Hi
    I have a question, I have sent out my supporting documents but didn’t submit my SEAS online on time. Is my SEAS application still consider or not?

    • Hi Kim, we can’t guarantee that SEAS documents submitted after the deadline will be considered. However we do encourage you to write a personal statement.

  6. Hi, I submitted my SEAS application in time. However, although I sent through my statement of supports in the post a week before the cut off – it says that it was received on October 5 (after the deadline of October 4). Will this still be okay?
    I sent my first statement of support much earlier than this but there is only date for ‘hardy copy documents added’ visible on my account (on October 5). Does this mean the earlier one was not received?
    Also, it says documentation that I uploaded (a death certificate) was rejected. Why is this?

    • Hi Chloe,

      The “received” date actually reflects the final step in processing documentation, so don’t worry about it being after the deadline. As long as it’s showing up as received, the documents have been accepted.

      Death certificates are not needed in support of SEAS applications, just the statement of support.


  7. Hi VTAC
    I have a question regarding SEAS application, I have sent my supporting documents but didn’t submit the application online on time. Is my SEAS application still considered or not?

    • Hi Kim,

      Check for the SEAS receipt in your VTAC account to see if your SEAS application was submitted on time. If you are able to access the SEAS receipt, that means your application will be considered.


  8. Hi, I am late in submitting my supporting documentation and cannot find anywhere to attach a medical certificate in the personal statement. Is there any other way i can submit the medical certificate

    • Hi Sarah,

      Unfortunately it’s not possible to add SEAS documentation after the closing date. Your only option at this point is the Personal Statement, as described above.


  9. I just checked my SEAS application and my information for category 2 is incorrect. Should I just submit a personal statement with the correct information?

    • Hi Tim,

      Yes, that’s your only option at this point – previously submitted applications can’t be edited after the closing date.


  10. Hello, so I applied for SEAS but forgot to write my name and the relation between me and the receiver of the mail. It got rejected. Can I still submit the same document but with my name and the relation I have with that person? And how can I do that?

  11. Hi, I’ve submitted my SEAS supporting documents by the due date but the status of these documents is listed as pending. Is this normal?

  12. Hi,
    I just realized that I put supporting documentation for my SEAS application but I did not upload it with a cover sheet, does this matter? It say my document has been accepeted..

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Cover sheets are only needed for documents sent in by mail, so no need to worry. (You are already logged in when uploading documents, so there’s no need for a cover sheet to identify you.)


  13. Hi,
    My SEAS documents (evidence) have been accepted, does that mean I am definitely eligible for SEAS and it will definitely increase my ATAR?
    Also, how will I be able to know the degree of disadvantage I am experiencing (refer to Monash SEAS calculator)? I need this to know how many points can be added onto my ATAR.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Ryan,

      The outcome of SEAS applications is kept confidential, so you won’t find out the degree of disadvantage or any other measure. Your documents being “accepted” just means that the upload has been reviewed and is legible and relevant, and has been included with your SEAS application for assessment.


  14. Hello, I’m just wondering if I am still eligible to apply for SEES application. I finished my year 12 last year 2015 and I missed to apply for sees because I wasn’t sure if I continuing my study or not, so now I decided to continue my studies.

    Rahmat Alizada

    • Hi Rahmat,

      Unfortunately, the SEAS deadline for this year has already passed so it is no longer possible to apply. If you are applying next year, you are still eligible to put in a SEAS application at that time (i.e. it’s not just for current Year 12 students).


  15. I have already applied for SEAS but have missed the opportunity for EAS/Scholarship Statement of Support, is there anyway to send the attached files to provide evidence about the injury? I already stated about the impact of my injury as well from the details the clinic i went to.


  16. Hi Kenny,

    Your only option at this point is to use the Personal Statement as described above. Once you have filled in the online Personal Statement form, you can access the Personal Statement coversheet which can be used to send in hard copy documents.


  17. Hello,
    I am an interstate student living in a rural area and I would like to know if I am still considered for Access Melbourne although I have not submitted a SEAS application?
    Am I also eligible for the Access Scholarships even though I have not applied for SEAS? I have already submitted my scholarship application through VTAC.

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Kim,

      You would need to check with the University of Melbourne – generally rural consideration is applied through SEAS so you would need to see if there is any other way to have that considered through Access Melbourne.


  18. Hi,
    I have just finished year 12 and I was wondering how I could ensure universities consider the fact I am from a regional school. Does this require a SEAS application as I have already entered my address and school for the VTAC application. If so would it be possible to make a late application?

    • Hi Liam, if you applied for Category 1 of SEAS, you will be considered based on your living and school location. The only option left is to write a personal statement (available through your VTAC account) asking to be considered on this basis. Although it’s not treated like a SEAS application in that bonusing can’t be applied, it does give the selection officer an understanding of your situation.

  19. Hi there,

    when do we receive correspondence with regards to our SEAS applications? I live in Sydney and we received letters to confirm acceptance on Monday. I was just wondering what is the process in VIC?

    • Hi Mia, applicants aren’t advised of the outcome of their SEAS application, however you may get an idea of how SEAS bonusing is applied, from the SEAS policy at the institution you’re applying to.

  20. Hi there,

    I missed out on my SEAS Application, is there any early time I can apply for it before 2 rounds or do they only open again for next year?


  21. Hi,
    I have applied, gotten in and deferred for a University in Melbourne, but due to certain circumstances missed the deadline for the SEAS application. I am from regional WA and have extenuating circumstances applying to my studies and to apply for scholarships have needed to have submitted a SEAS application. I was just wondering what my options were if I had any?

    • Hi Savannah,

      If you’ve already accepted and deferred a place, there’s no need for you to apply again and hence no need for a SEAS application. In terms of your scholarship applications, we would suggest submitting any supporting documents directly to the scholarship provider or contacting them for further advice – unfortunately there’s no way to retrospectively add a SEAS application to your previous course application.


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