Am I eligible for a scholarship?

Scholarships can be a great way to get some financial assistance during your studies and you can apply for a large number of them with just a single application through VTAC.

It’s commonly thought that scholarships are only offered to students based on high academic results. However, there is a broad range of scholarships available based on a range of criteria that can assist with things like tuition fees, accommodation, study costs, or even relocation from a regional area to complete your studies.

If you’re completing a course application with VTAC for 2017 study, or even if you’re already enrolled at University, you’re eligible to apply for scholarships.

It only takes 30 minutes to fill out a scholarships application and submitting one doesn’t affect any of your other applications. All it takes is a VTAC account, and in some cases you can apply even if you’re currently enrolled and already studying at University.

Types of scholarships available

A full list of the scholarships offered by VTAC institutions can be found here on the website, and is updated on a regular basis when new scholarships become available.

There are three different types of scholarships available through VTAC:

Access and Equity
Scholarships for students who may be experiencing financial difficulties, Indigenous Australians and equity and access groups defined by each institution. If you are applying for SEAS, you should also apply for an Access and Equity Scholarship.

Commonwealth Scholarships
These are scholarships awarded by the government for a number of different reasons. For more information about what’s available for studies commencing in 2017, click here.

Merit Scholarships
Awarded for academic achievement to students who have completed Year 12 or the International Baccalaureate (IB) in the year prior to undertaking further study. Some scholarships are based on both merit and access and equity. Note that for merit only scholarships, a VTAC scholarship application is not required.

Applying for scholarships

You only need to complete one application that will make you eligible for all of the scholarships on offer through participating institutions.

To submit yours, you simply need to register a VTAC Account, log in, and select ‘Scholarship Application’ to get started. We will then ask questions based on the criteria set by the institutions to get all of the information they need to select recipients.

These questions will include check boxes as well as written statements. Some of these include:

●  Community and leadership experience

●  Difficult circumstances that have affected your education

●  Whether or not you have been a refugee

●  Medical conditions or disabilities that have affected your education

●  How a scholarship will benefit your studies

We have set up a demo on the VTAC website which is identical to the one you will complete within your VTAC account. Feel free to run through it a few times to get a feel for the questions being asked – nothing you submit in this demo will be saved.

Note: if you are also interested in applying for scholarships outside the VTAC process, you will need to apply for those directly to the institution or organisation who is awarding the scholarship.

Providing Supporting Documentation

To help assess your scholarships application, you will be asked to provide a Statement of Support and any other documents required to back up your written statements and the information you’ve given us.

You can provide VTAC with these documents in of three ways:

1. Send them in to VTAC in hard copy, by printing a coversheet from your VTAC Account and posting them to the address listed on the front

2. Upload the documents in PDF or JPEG format from within the Scholarships Application tab in your VTAC Account

3. Generating a one-time login for someone else to complete an online statement for you. To do this, select ‘Statement of Support’ within your Scholarships Application tab and fill out the details requested.

Closing dates

VTAC accepts scholarship applications and supporting documentation until 5pm on Friday 14 October 2016. For more information you can visit the Scholarships page on the VTAC website.

There’s no reason not to apply, so go ahead and give a scholarships application a go. It won’t affect your other applications, and you never know what you might be eligible for.

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3 replies

  1. Is the statement of support necessary for merit scholarships? Or only access?

    I saw some references to personal statements but do not understand if they are required, recommended or neither. Is it a form or freestyle letter

  2. Hi Tara,

    The application form will prompt you if any supporting statements or additional documents are needed – this is generally for financial or equity/access scholarships.

    For questions like motivation for study and how a scholarship will benefit you, these answers are typed directly into the scholarships application form.


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