What is an Admissions Test?

If you’re applying for a course through VTAC but don’t have a qualification that can be used to assess your application, an admissions test could be your golden key to achieving a place in the course of your choice.

Admissions tests are stand-alone exams designed to assess skills and competencies that are considered important for achieving success at tertiary level. The results you receive from sitting an admissions test may then be used by institutions as a basis for selection.

There are two admissions tests that VTAC holds: the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT), in both Multiple Choice and Written English formats, and the Australian Law Schools Entrance Test (ALSET).

Note: The STAT or ALSET is not a requirement for students currently studying Year 12, who are applying through VTAC to a Victorian institution.

Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)

The STAT is an admissions test used widely by institutions around Australia to help them select students for a broad range of academic programs.

If you are applying through VTAC as a Non-Year 12 applicant, some courses may require you to sit a STAT test to be considered for entry. Other courses might use your test results in addition to your results and qualifications to boost your application and give you a better chance of being made an offer.

To find out if the STAT is considered for entry into a course you’re applying for, you will need to check the Selection Criteria section for the course on Course Search. Here’s what to look out for:


Selection Criteria for a course as viewed on CourseSearch.

Sitting the STAT may only be a requirement for some types of applicants (depending on previous experience and studies), and each institution has their own policy. Test booking fees are not refundable once booked – so make sure you check the fine print on your chosen courses carefully. More information about institution rules around the test can be found here.

If you’re still not sure if you need to sit the STAT after reading the information for your course, contact the institution directly to find out the details. It can be a good idea to get the response in writing just in case.

Australian Law Schools Entrance Test (ALSET)

The ALSET is an admissions test which may be a requirement for some Non-Year 12 applicants to Law courses at Deakin University only.

If the ALSET can be taken for entry, it will be listed in the Selection Criteria of the relevant Deakin Law courses. Not all applicants will need to sit the ALSET for these courses however, so if you come across this test in the Selection Criteria you can find out if it’s a requirement for your situation by reading  this page on the Deakin website.

How to book an admissions test

Scheduled sitting dates and times can be found on the VTAC website – see Where and When: STAT and Where and When: ALSET for more information.

Once you’ve decided to sit the STAT or ALSET, here’s how to book your seat:

1. After you have registered your VTAC Account, Log in to your VTAC Account and select ‘Admissions Test’

2. Click on ‘STAT/ALSET booking’ and follow the prompts to select your location and test type

3. Select a location for your test from the drop-down menu. Note: if you live more than two hours from a test centre or have a medical condition or disability preventing you from sitting a scheduled test, you can arrange a STAT special sitting and ALSET Special Sitting

4. Complete payment for your test to confirm your place.

If you book the wrong date or can’t attend on the day, you may be able to change to another scheduled sitting if there are places available. The refund policy is very strict, so remember to double-check if the test is needed for your courses before completing your booking.

How can I prepare for the test?

Before sitting for your test, we recommend you have a read of the STAT Candidate Information Booklet or ALSET Candidate Information Booklet so you know what to expect. Both also contain a number of helpful practice questions.

STAT Workshops are also held throughout the application period which can enhance your preparation for the test. You can find more information on the VTAC Website under Preparing for a test: STAT.

 Other admissions tests

There are a number of courses that require you to sit for a different admissions test as part of their selection process, such as some Medicine courses. While these are required for entry, they need to be organised by you separately to your VTAC application and account. Once you have registered for the UMAT or ISAT, you can add your registration number to your VTAC application.

For information on other admissions tests, such as the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admissions Test (UMAT), the International Student Admissions Test (ISAT) and the VETASSESS, please visit the relevant websites.


Remember, admissions test requirements vary between courses and institutions, and not all courses will consider test results. If you are applying for courses as a Non-Year 12 applicant, you may be required to sit an admissions test to either enhance your application or provide a score that institutions can use for the basis of selection. Every course is different, so check if an admissions test is listed in the Selection Criteria and read more about the institution’s requirements for it.

If you are required to sit an admissions test, go for it! Book as early as possible (there are limited seats available) and read up before the test to give yourself the best chance at success.

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