Other offer options

Supplementary offers

Some institutions make supplementary offers after Round Two if they have places available. If you applied for courses with VTAC course codes ending in 1, 2 and 4, you may receive supplementary offers if you have not received an offer in any of the previous offer rounds. Applicants to international fee-paying places (VTAC course codes ending in 3) are not eligible to receive supplementary offers.

To be eligible to receive supplementary offers you must give VTAC permission to release your application to all courses with vacancies by 12noon tomorrow, Friday 5 February 2016.

Supplementary offers will be processed weekly during February. If you receive two or more offers, you will need to choose which offer to accept—you should not accept more than one offer.

Find out more about supplementary offers here.

Change of preference

Change of Preference will reopen between offer rounds. This process will be repeated after each offer round until the final deadline of 24 February 2016. Complete Change of Preference dates and times can be found on the VTAC website.

While Change of Preference is open, you can add, remove, and reorder your preferences as many times as you like.

Before adding a preference, always check the selection criteria to ensure you have met all course requirements.

You may also want to change your preferences if you have changed your mind about which course you most want to study, if a new course has become available and you would like to add it to your preference list, or if a course you had applied for has been cancelled and you want to replace it in your preference list.

There is no cost involved in changing your preferences. As long as you pay your course application processing fee, you can change your preferences as much as you like within the specified periods.

Check out the Change of Preference video on VTAC’s YouTube channel.

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