Will my name appear in the newspapers?

If you have opted to have your offer printed in the press, your offer will be available from 2pm via the Herald Sun website, and in the printed supplement in tomorrow’s paper.

A number of regional newspapers will be releasing printed supplements on or after Tuesday 19 January. These include The Swan Hill Post, Leongatha Star, Benalla Ensign, Foster Mirror, Hamilton Spectator and Wimmera Times.

The newspapers will only list domestic applicants who:

    have given VTAC permission to have their name published; and
    have been made an offer to an undergraduate course through VTAC in January 2016; and
    in the case of regional newspapers, have a residential address within that newspaper’s distribution area.

Applicants receiving an offer are listed in alphabetical order by surname followed by their initials, postcode and the VTAC code of the course making the offer.

Applicants with identical names should check their postcode and initials carefully. No postcodes are shown for applicants with an overseas address.

If your name does not appear in the newspapers, don’t panic, you may not have given permission to release your name, which can be viewed on your VTAC user account.

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