About Selection

VTAC does not select applicants or have the power to influence decisions made by selection authorities at institutions.

The VTAC application and selection system operates on the assumptions that:

    you have paid your processing fees,
    you have listed your preferences for courses in the order that you most want to get into them, and
    if you are not selected in the first round you will be considered equally with all other applicants for the second offer round and subsequent rounds.

Selection is the responsibility of each institution’s course selection authorities. When considering your application, course authorities take into account selection criteria, including published institutional and course entrance requirements, prerequisite studies, interviews, folios, supplementary forms and so on. For a list of criteria used by each course, refer to the selection criteria under each course entry.

Selection criteria

While some courses select by ATAR, very few rely solely on this single measure. Instead other factors are taken into consideration as part of the selection process.

When considering applicants, course selection officers eliminate applicants who have not met the minimum course entry requirements. The remaining applicants are given further consideration (re-ranked) according to the published subject bonuses and other applicable special entry scheme criteria. These criteria may include performance in specific studies (including those listed as prerequisites), performance in auditions, interviews, portfolios or aptitude tests, and consideration for SEAS or for specific equity groups.

4 replies

  1. Hi! I’ve applied for Bachelor of Nursing,I haven’t received any offers at all. What do i do now? Should I wait for the second round offers or change preference? My situation is a bit tricky I’m an Australian citizen by birth but I’ve done my grade 11 and 12 in India and the Victoria University assessed my ATAR score as 68 Please guide me. Thank You.

    • Hi Monica,

      The majority of offers are made in Round 1, so it’s probably a good idea to think about contacting institutions and/or changing your preferences to add some more pathway options. Each institution will make their own assessment of your overseas secondary qualification, so it might be worth giving them each a call to confirm which courses you are eligible for, and which ones are likely to make an offer in Round 2.

      Selection decisions are made by institutions, not VTAC, so you will need to speak to the institution to find out why you didn’t receive an offer.


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