Getting your offer

Round One undergraduate offers will be emailed to successful applicants in the morning of Monday 18 January 2016. All emails will be sent by 2pm.

Offer notifications will also be released in your VTAC user account from 2pm on the day, you can view offer information under the ‘Course Offers’ section of your VTAC user account. Information in your user account is the same as the information in the email, so you don’t have to log in if you have already received an offer via email.

To login you will need your VTAC ID and PIN.

Offer advice from VTAC is no longer sent as a letter in the post.

The Herald Sun will be publishing offers from 2pm, Monday 18 January. View online at the Herald Sun website. Offers will also be printed in the Herald Sun on Tuesday 19 January and in some regional newspapers.

Your offer will only be published if you gave permission when lodging your course application. You can view your newspaper offer publication choice in the course application section of your VTAC user account.

Offers for Graduate Entry Teaching applicants were released on Wednesday 13 January and International Year 12 students were released on Friday 8 January 2016.

14 replies

  1. What happens if you don’t receive a first round offer? I scored an 80.40 and my top two preferences had a clearly in of 85 and 81, I am yet to receive an offer and I am really stressed out.

    • Hi James,

      If you don’t receive a first round offer, you will be considered for Round 2 offers. You can also change your preferences prior to Round 2.

      But don’t stress – emails were still going out at the time you left your comment. You can confirm your offer status in the user account from 2pm today.


  2. when do institutions generally send offer letters to emails? I am going overseas tonight and i still havnt goten an offer letter…

    • Hi Julian, enrolment info is generally received within 48 hours of the offer advice. If you haven’t heard from the institution in a couple of days, it is best to contact them directly.

  3. What are the chances of getting a second round offer? I received one that was 4th on my list yesterday but I’ve changed my mind since, so I’ve added the new course and put it as my first preference. Is it worth making a phone call to find out?

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