International Offer Round

Between 7am and 2pm Friday 8 January 2016 (AEDST), VTAC will send an email to those applicants who have successfully received an offer for a Type 3 course (international full fee-paying place).

If you haven’t received your email, don’t panic – check your spam or trash folder or check your email address in the VTAC User Account to confirm it is correct.

Additionally International offers will be available from the VTAC User Account from 2pm today (Friday 8 January, AEDST).

You are only eligible to receive an offer in this round if you are an Australian Temporary Resident applying for Type 3 international full fee-paying places (course codes ending in ‘3’).

You can view offer notifications in the ‘Course Offers’ section of your VTAC user account. You will need your VTAC ID and PIN to login.

Australian Temporary Residents can change their preferences from 10am, 19 January until 4pm, 29 January to be considered for subsequent international offer rounds.

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