Admissions Test results now available

If you sat the STAT or ALSET in November or December this year your results are now available on your VTAC user account. To access your results please login to your VTAC User Account and click on ‘Admissions Tests (STAT/ALSET)’.

Scroll to ‘Admissions tests results’ and click on ‘Your November/December test results’.

A printed statement of results will arrive in the mail shortly. If you have already applied for courses through VTAC in this selection period, your test results have been automatically attached to your application. There is no need to supply a copy of the printed statement to VTAC.

Understanding your results


·   There is no pass or fail score for admissions tests administered by VTAC
·   Most STAT scores are reported as a mark between 100 and 200, however, scores below 100 and above 200 for the STAT are possible
·   STAT Multiple Choice scores are calculated individually for the verbal and quantitative components of the test, as well as a total score
·   ALSET scores are reported as a mark between 100 and 200

Percentile Rankings

The percentile rank indicates the percentage of candidates who had a score less than your score. For example, if you achieve a percentile rank of 76.3, you have achieved a higher score than 76.3 per cent of the people taking the test.

It is not possible for selection authorities at institutions to confirm whether a particular percentile ranking will result in an offer, because the number of applicants and the results they achieve will vary each year.

For more information, visit the Admissions Tests section on the VTAC website.

2 replies

  1. Does my STAT result get converted into an ATAR? Or is there a portion of places dedicated to non year 12’s and ranked diffrently?

  2. Hi Jennie,

    Your STAT result isn’t converted into an ATAR, but it will be used for ranking by institutions alongside both Year 12 and non-Year 12 applicants. The ranking based on STAT results is up to each institution, so you might like to contact the courses you are applying to for more detailed information.

    To get an idea of how competitive your results are, you can look at the percentile ranking in your results statement, as described above.


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