I missed the VTAC application payment deadline. What can I do?

The VTAC Course Application payment deadline passed at 4pm, Monday 21 December. No late exceptions are made for those who missed the payment deadline for first round offers.

However, if your application is unpaid, at 10am, Tuesday 19 January an option will appear in your User Account to pay a $43 reactivation fee to be considered for supplementary and subsequent offer rounds in February 2016. This option will remain open until 5pm, Monday 8 February, however to be considered for Round 2 offers (4 February), payment must be received by 4pm, 29 January.

To reactivate your user account, login on Tuesday, 19 January 2016.

11 replies

  1. I’m a VCE student who completed year 12 this year. I completely forgot to change my preferences by the 21st of December at 12 pm yesterday. I looked at the list of dates on the VTAC website and it states that for “Undergraduate, international and graduate entry (other) courses (Opens to accommodate IB, and WA applicants)” the opening date is on January 14 at 10 am and closes on January 14 at 4pm. Am I still eligible to change my preferences?

  2. Thank you so much, VTAC. I have been in the midst of making up my mind on which course to do and which university to go for. Thank you so much again for giving me a second chance.

  3. Hi, I too forgot to change my preferences on the 21st. Is the change of preference period on the 4th of January for round 1 offers? Thanks so much for all your help?

    • Hi Nia,

      Yes, all undergraduate applicants can change their preferences today. Graduate entry teaching change of preference has already closed.


  4. I’m a year 12 graduate from Western Australia in 2015, and created an account for VTAC but did not submit an application, missing the deadline altogether. Would I still be able to apply on the 14th of January?

    • Hi Joanna,

      Unfortunately the option to pay a reactivation fee is only available if you had already submitted a course application.

      Applications for courses commencing in semester 2, 2016 will open in mid-April.


  5. Does anyone know if one can get into a course if I missed the late application date? I have attended the interview but was reading the cut off dates wrong. I thought the cut off was the 4th not the 2nd. Please let me know because Im stressed beyond belief.


  6. Hi, its the 14th of jan, I’ve made a VTAC application, however I’ve failed to submit my payment. Just wondering what my options are now, as in will i still make 1st round offers?. Thanks

    • Hi Gabriel,

      Unfortunately it’s too late for Round 1 offers. However, from Thursday 19 January, you can login to your VTAC account and make a special late payment of $50 to be eligible for offers from Round 2 onwards. You’ll also be able to change your preferences after making this payment.

      Note that this option is only available if you had previously lodged an application (i.e. put in at least one preference), but then failed to make payment. It’s not possible to make an entirely new application at this point.


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