What happens when a course is cancelled?

Courses are sometimes cancelled throughout the year for a variety of reasons. Once a course is cancelled, the course will be removed from CourseSearch and will no longer be able to be added to a course application.

If you’ve listed a course that is subsequently cancelled, the course will remain on the preference list, but the title will change to COURSE CANCELLED.

Additionally you should also be contacted by the institution, advising you that the course has been cancelled and suggesting similar alternatives, if they are available.

All new and cancelled courses are also listed on the New and Cancelled Courses page of the website and published on the VTAC blog. Keep in mind though that you need to read it carefully – a course might just be cancelled at a particular campus or for a certain fee type.

For example, a course at ACU (Australian Catholic University) may cancel a course code ending in ‘3’ but that doesn’t mean that the whole course offering is cancelled, just the international course offering. So it’s wise to check carefully.

So what do you need to do if your course is cancelled?

•   If change of preference is open, then you can add another course to replace the cancelled one.
•   If change of preference is closed and you have other courses listed, then they will continue to be considered in the offer rounds. If the cancelled course is your only course listed on your preferences, contact VTAC immediately.
•   You might also contact the institution directly to see if they have any alternatives available through VTAC.
•   Explore CourseSearch to identify other courses of interest.

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