Should I Change My Preferences?

With the release of VCE results and ATAR, all VCE students now have the opportunity to reconsider their course preferences.

The change of preference period allows time for students to consider options, based on ATAR results, as well as to consider preferences based on feedback from interviews, folio presentations and auditions.

Preferences can be changed as many times as you like up until the closing date.

The Change of Preference period for VCE (including VCAL) students applying for general tertiary courses close at 12 noon, Monday 21 December.

Checklist before changing preferences

If you decide to change your preferences, make sure you have considered all of your options.

Here is a handy checklist.

☑   Check VTAC’s list of new, cancelled and amended courses on the VTAC website and via updates on the VTAC blog.
☑   Investigate all of your course options by using CourseSearch from the VTAC website to:

☑   Compare your ATAR with last year’s clearly-in report to find out whether your results are in the ballpark for consideration this year. Please Note: This is a guide only and is based on last year’s entrance reports. Getting an ATAR above the ‘clearly-in’ does not ensure you will be offered a place in the course this year. Conversely, getting an ATAR below the ‘clearly-in’ does not mean you have automatically missed out.
☑   Cross check your VCE study program against existing prerequisite studies of the courses you want to apply for.
☑   Check that you have satisfied additional course selection requirements. This includes supplementary forms, folio presentations, interviews and auditions.
☑   Refine your search for courses by region and/or interest area.
☑   Many institutions run change of preference information sessions. These offer opportunities to talk to those making selection decisions and can also be a valuable resource for information on pathways into tertiary courses. For more information please see Change of Preference events.

How to change your preferences

To change your preferences, log in to your user account through the VTAC website with your VTAC ID and VTAC PIN. List your preferences in order in which you wish to accept them, not the order that you think you will be offered a place.

If you are happy with your preferences as they are, there is no need to change them.

Change of Preference closes at 12 noon (AEDST), Monday 21 December.

Change of Preference will open to accommodate for WA and IB students, between 10am and 4pm, Monday 4 January 2016.

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  1. My question relates to change of preference on Jan 4 (10 am – 4 pm) for WA, international & IB students. Can other applicants for undergrad courses also change their preferences at this time? For example, if they’ve made an error & wish to rectify it.

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