Privacy and your ATAR

With the release of ATAR and results on Monday, and the close of Change of Preference fast approaching, be sure to keep your log in credentials secure and private.

Choose a strong PIN that only you know and avoid using easy to guess combinations such as you date of birth or sequences of numbers like 1111.

If you post on social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook where the post is public, don’t post your VTAC ID, VCE student number or PIN.

VTAC can’t talk to anyone about your application or ATAR results except you, the applicant. If you would like someone to be able to make enquiries about your VTAC application on your behalf, like a parent or another person, you can nominate them as a designated nominee through your VTAC user account. VTAC can then discuss with your designated nominee specific information on you VTAC application such as preferences, study claims, receipt of documentation.

VTAC will only discuss ATAR specifics with your designated nominee if you have already given them your ATAR including ATAR scaled study scores and VCE study scores. If they do not know this information VTAC will not provide any further detail about either your results or your ATAR.

Preferences can only be changed through your VTAC user account, so if you’re away and want your preferences changed by your designated nominee then you’ll need to make sure they have all of the details and your login information. Change of Preference cannot be made via phone or email.

VTAC is bound by and will act in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (March 2014) and will ensure that your privacy is protected at all times. Any breaches will be investigated. If you think that your privacy has been breached, or to report a privacy breach, please follow the information on the VTAC privacy policy page.


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