VTAC processing fees and your ATAR

If you’re a current Year 12 student, you will only receive a copy of your ATAR statement in the mail if your VTAC course application processing fee is paid, and your mailing address is correct. The last day to pay and update your details is 5pm Monday 7 December.

Update your mailing address by logging into your VTAC user account, select ‘Personal details’ and scroll down to ‘Address/contact details’. ATAR statements will start arriving in the mail in the days after results are released (from Tuesday 15 December).

If your address isn’t up to date, your ATAR may be sent to the wrong address and you will need to request and pay for a new ATAR statement. If your course application fee isn’t paid (you won’t be eligible for offers!) but you can still receive your ATAR and results online. We’ll post more information about this closer to the results release date.

3 replies

  1. Why would you say the final date to pay is 7 December when the VTAC Guide says it is 21 December? I have just texted all the non-payers and told them to pay by 11 Dec to be sure of ATAR and offers.

    • Hi Mandy,

      21 December is the final day to pay for a course application and still be considered for offers.

      However, if this fee is not paid by 7 December, a printed ATAR statement will not be sent in the mail.


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