Personal Statement and Supporting Documentation Closing Date Approaching

The main closing date for completing your online Personal Statement and providing supporting documentation is 5pm, Friday 4 December.

What does this mean for you?

You should submit a Personal Statement if it is a selection requirement for any course listed on your preference list. To find the Personal Statement, log in to your User Account and select the ‘Personal Statement’ tab. The Personal Statement asks you general questions about your motivations for undertaking the courses you have applied for, work history and academic achievements, and also provides the opportunity for you to address a specific statement to each course you are applying to. You can edit or modify your responses in the Personal Statement until 5pm, Monday 4 January 2016.

Documentation showing evidence of your previous studies should be received by VTAC by 5pm this Friday. This includes completion certificates, transcripts of results and change of name certificates. If you are currently studying a course and your semester two results are not available as yet, you should provide all results that you currently have available by Friday’s deadline. Please post your final results to VTAC as soon as they become available even if it is after the 4 December closing date. VTAC will continue to circulate documentation for 2015 results until the final closing date for change of preference in February.

You can submit your documentation via post, accompanied by the correct coversheet, or in person to our office at 40 Park Street, South Melbourne, Victoria 3205.

Make sure you provide documentation that is correctly certified. If you are unsure who can certify documents please see the ‘How to get your documents certified’ section of VTAC’s documents required page.

7 replies

  1. Hi
    I’m just emailing to ask if all 12 course preferences are considered by the universities. Or do only your first few preferences get considered??

    Kind Regards
    Greta Allen

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Hi Greta,

      Yes, all of your preferences will be considered by the course selection officers. They will give your application the same consideration whether you have listed the course as first preference or twelfth preference. We will then give you the highest preference that has made you an offer in this round.


    • Hi Emily,

      The SEAS deadline applies to both the application and any supporting documentation, so you will need to make sure all supporting evidence is submitted by 5pm today, Tuesday 4 October.


  2. My IB coordinator has sent my official results to VTAC either by email or post. Also, he has given permission for the IB to release my results to VTAC, However, I just received an email from VTAC saying that they are unable to obtain my final results. What should I do?

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