Early Offers: Am I eligible?

Early offers will be released this Friday 20 November. Offer advice will be sent by email that morning, and will be visible in the VTAC user account at 2pm. To view your offer status online you will can log in to your VTAC user account and select ‘Course offers’.

Not all VTAC applicants are considered for early offers. Early offers are only available if you satisfy all of the following:

– You are not currently completing Year 12 studies

– You applied during the timely application period, before 30 September (5pm)

– You paid your VTAC processing fee by 4 November (5pm)

– You submitted any relevant supporting documentation on time by 6 October (5pm)

– You applied for a course that participates in early round offers

Not all courses will make early offers. The list of courses that are participating in early offers will be published on the VTAC website on Thursday 19 November.

The majority of courses will make offers next year. First round offers will be available on Monday 18 January, 2016. Please see the Dates and Fees section for GET (graduate entry teaching) offer dates.


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