Frequently Asked Questions: VCE Results and ATAR by SMS

SMS registration instructions
More detail at:

To register to get your VCE results and ATAR by SMS, send a text message as follows:

  • VCE student number (eight digits only, not the letter)
  • Space
  • Results Service PIN (four digits)
  • Send to 19 787 888

Salmat Digital SMS cost $1.10 max (incl. GST).
Obtain bill payer’s permission before using this service.
Call 1800 501 083 for help with SMS registration.


If I don’t register for SMS, will I still find out my ATAR?

Yes, you can use the online service at to access your VCE Results and ATAR between 7am, Monday 14 December and 5pm, Friday 19 December. No advance registration is needed to access results on the web.

Until when can I register for SMS results?

Registrations will be accepted until midnight, Sunday 13 December.
Requests sent between 7am, Monday 14 December and 5pm, Friday 18 December will be responded to with instant results.

I’m in Year 11. Can I register for SMS results?

Yes, if you are completing a Unit 3&4 sequence this year, you can use the web or SMS service to see your VCE subject result.

I am currently overseas, or will be overseas on Monday 14 December. Can I use the SMS service?

No, the SMS service cannot be used overseas. You will need to use the online results service at

Will I get confirmation of my registration?

Yes, all successful registrations will be confirmed by reply SMS.

I did not receive a confirmation message. What should I do?

First, check with your phone provider that premium SMS service is enabled. If your phone service does not have premium SMS service switched on, enable it and re-send your request.
If your phone already had premium SMS service enabled, call the Salmat helpline on 1800 501 083 and provide your student number and mobile phone number to see whether your registration has been successful.

I received an error message when I tried to register. What should I do?

 SMS2 Make sure you are using your VCE student number without the letter. (e.g. 11399999).

Do not include the letter at the end. Do not use your VTAC ID, which is different from your VCE student number.

If you don’t know your VCE student number, ask the careers counsellor or VCE co-ordinator at your school.

 SMS3 Use your Results Service PIN to register with the SMS service. Do not use your VTAC PIN.

If you have not changed your Results Service PIN, it is the first four digits of your birthday, e.g. 3 February is 0302.

If you have changed your Results Service PIN, it is the four digit number that you chose. If you have forgotten your PIN, you can request it by email from the Results Service PIN change screen.

Any other error message Check with your phone provider that premium SMS service is enabled. This is the most common cause of other error messages.

If enabling premium SMS does not solve your problem, please call 1800 501 083 for assistance.

I did not apply for courses through VTAC. Can I still access my results?

Yes, you can use the web and SMS services to receive your results. However, printed ATAR statements are only sent to paid VTAC applicants. If you are not a paid VTAC applicant, you can request a printed ATAR statement for a fee using the form on the VTAC website once results are released.

What will be included in the VCE Results and ATAR SMS?

VCAA provides you with the following information:

  • Whether you have been awarded the VCE or VCE (Baccalaureate)
  • A list of all Year 12 studies completed by you in 2015, with your grades and study scores
  • Whether you have been awarded the VCAL

If you qualify for an ATAR, VTAC provides you with the following information:

  • Your ATAR

I have a question about my results.

The Post Results and ATAR Service (PRAS) has been set up to assist you with any questions you may have about your VCE results and/or your ATAR. The PRAS does not provide actual results or the ATAR. If you would like to speak to someone about your VCE results or ATAR please call the PRAS on (03) 9032 1717 (metropolitan callers), 1800 653 080 (freecall) or email

For further information about the PRAS, accessing your VCE results and the ATAR refer to the VTAC website at or VCAA website at This service will operate from 7am-5pm on Monday 14 December and 9am-5pm Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 December 2015. From late November, you can also check the joint VCAA/VTAC blog at

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11 replies

  1. I registered a different number to get my ATAR via text, with the intention of calling the helpline afterwards and getting the number changed so that my ATAR would be sent to my phone. However, the helpline is not open and my ATAR is now going to be sent to someone else. Is there another way to change the phone number so the ATAR is sent to me, or to cancel the SMS being sent to the other phone ASAP? Many thanks!

    • Hi Nadia,

      If you register for the SMS service on a new phone, that will cancel the registration for the old number. I.e., we will only send to the most recent number registered for your student number.


  2. I registered my number to get my ATAR via text but i wanted to know if i was able to have it sent to another phone as well because a family member would like to receive my ATAR score?

    • Hi Alivia,

      You can only have your results sent to a single number. If you register again on a new phone, only that most recent registration will be sent your ATAR and results.


  3. hi i changed my results service pin from the default one and received an email saying the change was confirmed and that i successfully made a new results service pin however when i sent it on SMS along with my student number i received a message saying that my PIN was invalid I’m not sure what to do

    • Hi Anna,

      The official release time is 7am, although the messages usually start going out slightly earlier to ensure that everyone has received their results by 7am.


  4. Hi I’m not getting a response when I send the SMS registration. I’ve typed my student vtac number space pin, but I get no response, what do I do?

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