Last chance to apply for Graduate Entry Teaching

Late applications are closing at 5pm, Friday 6 November.

This is your final chance to apply for graduate-entry teaching (GET) courses. If you wish to apply for a Graduate Diploma of Education or a Master of Teaching, please do so before 5pm tomorrow. There will be no extensions for applying for GET courses after the closing date.

If you have already applied for GET courses, you are advised to submit any required supporting documentation by 5pm, Wednesday 11 November. You will also be able to add, change and remove your GET preferences until 4pm, Monday 30 November.

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  1. I’m currently in year 12 and I was wondering if I need to apply for the Graduate Entry Teaching. If so, where about would I be able to submit my document through VTAC?

    I looked through some of my emails and it states:
    “Assessments have now begun for GET (Graduate Entry Teaching) specialist teaching areas. You can view your assessment outcome by logging into your User Account, selecting ‘Course Application’ and scrolling down to ‘Educational history and assessments’.”

    There was also an image of what it should look like but I couldn’t find the ‘Graduate teaching area assessment advice’ I’ve only saw the ‘secondary study claims’ and ‘post secondary study claims.’

  2. Hi Diana,

    Graduate entry teaching courses are for those who already have a Bachelor degree. As a current Year 12 student, that probably doesn’t apply to you, so you can ignore the blog posts about graduate entry teaching.

    If you are looking for undergraduate teaching courses, try searching for Teaching/Education in CourseSearch, and using the advanced search to limit the qualification level to “Bachelor and associate degrees”:


  3. My son has missed the deadline for the GET to do his Masters. Is there ANYTHING he can do to get into a course for next year?


    • Hi Annette,

      Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply for GET courses for semester 1, 2016 entry now that the deadline has passed. It may be worth contacting the institution he is interested in to see if they accept direct applications for mid-year courses commencing semester 2, 2016, although not all institutions offer mid-year entry for Masters of Teaching courses due to the program’s structure.


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