What are ‘Minimum Tertiary Entrance Requirements’?

You may receive an email from VTAC advising of minimum tertiary entrance requirements.

If you’re not sure what this means, don’t panic. Here’s a checklist for what to do next to make sure you meet tertiary, institutional and course requirements:

•   Add all your previous study claims. To add educational study claims you need to login into your User Account | Course Application | Educational history and assessments | Add claim to the relevant area.

•   Supply supporting documents to verify studies that you have already claimed.  If you need to supply them, be sure to provide them prior to the documentation closing date.

•   Make sure you’ve met the selection criteria – check if you need to attend interviews, auditions, or present a folio. Do this by checking selection requirements and additional considerations using CourseSearch.

•   Check if your work or life experiences will be considered in selection. Search your preferences using Course search and check selection criteria and additional requirements to see if a Personal Statement is considered. You must submit a Personal Statement online if you wish other information to be considered.

•   Check if you’re required to sit an admissions test such as the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) or if you’re applying to Law at Deakin University as a mature age applicant, the ALSET. If you are required to sit an admissions test you need to book through your User Account using the Admissions Tests booking link. (But don’t book unless you’re absolutely certain you need to sit.)

•  Explore and maximise your options. Add pathways courses that articulate into your dream course (e.g. a Certificate IV that gives you credit into a Diploma or a Bachelor Degree). There are no set minimum tertiary entrance requirements for non-year 12 applicants, if you are applying for a Certificate I, Certificate II, Certificate III, Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma.

Note: Institutional and Course selection criteria still apply. Some Higher Education courses may offer exemptions or credit based on completing relevant certificates or diplomas. If this is an option you would like to take you may want to consider adding additional course preferences to your application. General information can be found in our Pathways, Credit Transfer and RPL Fact Sheet. Check the institutions you’re applying to, specific information about their pathway courses.

4 replies

  1. Hi,

    I would like to confirm that as a mature age student (Age:47), I will be a NY12, instead of a Y12?


    Margaret Donaghey

  2. Hi Margaret,

    It depends on your educational history. If you have completed Year 12 (no matter how long ago), and done no further study above Certificate IV, you will be considered a Y12 applicant.

    If you didn’t finish Year 12, or you went on to do any further study at Certificate IV or above, you will be considered a NY12 applicant.

    If you’re unsure, have a look in your user account after completing the course application, and there will be a message telling you how you have been classified.


  3. Hello

    I am unable to find the original copy of my Cert III which is required as part of a supporting document for my application. I have copies of it. What can I do in this situation?

    Kind regards

    Karen Buckmaster

    • Hi Karen,

      We recommend that you request another original transcript from the institution. Most institutions have instructions for requesting replacement transcripts on their website.


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