Scholarships: Providing Evidence

If you are unsure of what supporting evidence you need to provide for your scholarships application, you can check the scholarships acknowledgement email sent to your personal email address for a guide on providing evidence.

Below is a general overview of the type of evidence you will need to provide, depending on your circumstances. They may not all apply to you.

Confirmation of Centrelink Benefits

If you are receiving Centrelink benefits personally, you can give VTAC permission to access your Centrelink information electronically by providing your Centrelink Reference Number (CRN) on your scholarships application.

If you do not give VTAC permission to access your Centrelink information electronically or your parents/guardians are receiving Centrelink benefits on your behalf, you need to provide statements from Centrelink proving the receipt of the benefits.

Ineligible for Centrelink Benefits

For each member of your household who earns over $10,000 per annum, you must provide:

– An Australian Tax Office (ATO) notice of financial assessment for the 2014/15 financial year; or

– If you do not have the required ATO statement, 3 consecutive pay slips in Australian dollars no older than 3 months; or

– If you cannot provide the above documents, a statutory declaration detailing the reason for the lack of these documents and stating each person’s taxable income.

Statement of Support

If you indicate that your education has been disadvantaged by difficult circumstances or that you have a medical condition or disability which impacts your ability to study, you are required to submit a statement of support. The statement of support needs to be written by an independent responsible person with knowledge to confirm your circumstances and comment on how this has impacted your education. If you submitted a SEAS application, you may use the same statement of support if the information is relevant and applicable.

Our blog about Impact Statements and Statements of Support may help you prepare.

Submitting Scholarship Evidence

There are a number of ways you can submit your scholarships supporting documentation to us. You can either:

– Send us hard copy documents with the relevant cover sheet; or

– Upload scanned copies of the documents in your VTAC account under the “Scholarships” tab (see our blog about providing documents online). Once you have done so, click on “View Files” to ensure that a legible copy has been uploaded; or

– Submit the documents over the counter at the VTAC office (40 Park Street, South Melbourne)

Note that statements of support can also be submitted through the one-time login link.

For more detailed information regarding scholarship evidence, please see the Providing evidence page on the VTAC website.

The VTAC scholarships application closes 5pm AEDST, Friday 16 October. Your supporting documentation needs to be received by VTAC by this deadline.

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