Missed the SEAS deadline? What are your options?

The SEAS application and submission of supporting SEAS documentation closed at 5pm, Tuesday 6 October.

Although there is no way to submit a SEAS application or SEAS documentation after the closing date, there are other options available to you if you would like to add information to your course application about how your studies have been affected or disadvantaged by circumstances out of your control. This can be done through the VTAC Personal Statement.

The VTAC Personal Statement is an application found in your User Account when you login. Question 3 in the VTAC Personal Statement allows you to outline circumstances that have affected your academic performance. You can also post supporting documents to VTAC using the Personal Statement cover sheet.

The Personal Statement is not a replacement for SEAS. The Personal Statement is not equivalent to submitting a SEAS application, however it is an opportunity for you to outline impacting circumstances.

There are other special consideration and bonus schemes not part of SEAS.  A number of institutions offer a series of programs targeted at circumstances and individuals.  To see if you are eligible for any of these programs go to Other Schemes Outside SEAS page on the VTAC website.

What if I applied for SEAS online but I have not been able to supply my SEAS supporting documentation before the closing date?

If we receive your SEAS documentation after the closing date, we will still add it to your application so that course selection officers at institutions have access to it but only in the VTAC Personal Statement section. In this case you should also fill in the VTAC Personal Statement online. It will then be up to the selection officers at the universities to decide if they will take your circumstances into consideration.

What if something arises after the SEAS closing date that affects my studies?

If your education has been adversely affected after the SEAS closing date you have a couple of options:

– Complete the VTAC Personal Statement. Once again, you can mention any circumstances that may have had an adverse impact on your study through question 3 of the VTAC Personal Statement.

– If you’re a current Year 12 applicant, talk to your careers teacher. Your VCE Coordinator or careers teacher should be able to help you with identifying whether you are eligible to apply for any special provisions offered by the VCAA and help you to apply. You may be eligible to apply for ‘special provision’ (previously called ‘consideration of disadvantage’) with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).
The VCAA is the body in charge of curriculum in Victoria and the assessment of the later years of secondary schooling. For more information on ‘special provision’, visit the VCAA website here.

Note: The closing date for the Personal Statement online and supporting documentation is 5pm, Wednesday 11 November for Graduate Entry Teaching (GET) courses and 5pm, Monday 4 December for offers in January and February.

24 replies

  1. Hi, in my SEAS application I said that I was not the first to attend University in my immediate family, however this is not true and I am the first, my parents have not gone to university. Is there a way to change this?

    • Hi Prab,

      Unfortunately, it’s too late to edit your SEAS application at this point. You could mention this in your personal statement as described above if you like.


  2. Hi,
    I sent in my SEAS but i haven’t had any confirmation that it has been received. I have a second copy on me and wish to add it to my VTAC Personal Statement. How do I go about doing this? e-mail me please

  3. Hi Scott,

    You can confirm that your SEAS application has been received by going to the SEAS tab of your user account. You can view the SEAS receipt, and see the last date on which we received supporting documentation.


    • Hi Martina,

      Personal statement documentation cannot be uploaded. Please print the Personal Statement Coversheet from the Coversheets tab of your user account, and post it with your documents to the address printed on the coversheet.

      Please note that this coversheet will not be available until you have submitted an online personal statement form from the Personal Statement tab of your user account.


  4. Hi,

    I came onto the site to double check if I had supplied supporting documentation for SEAS but I’m going round in circle trying to find any portal to view my SEAS application. Where can I find it so that I can put my mind at ease?



    • Hi Annika,

      Log in to your user account here: https://delta.vtac.edu.au/appView/home.htm

      On the SEAS tab, you will be able to see:
      – your SEAS receipt (if SEAS application submitted)
      – date on which we last received hard copy documents (if any)
      – list of uploaded documents (if any)

      If you are still having trouble confirming your SEAS application, feel free to call us on 1300 364 133.


  5. Hi,
    I haven’t submitted a supporting document (FTB) unfortunately, however I still want to provide it anyway and was wondering how can I do it.

    • Hi Abdul,

      You can supply it as Personal Statement as described above, however this is not part of SEAS. The SEAS deadline was 6 October.


  6. Hello,

    On my VTAC account there is no where for me to upload or put in details for a personal statement?

    Even when i click on the Personal statement button on the top browser, once i click on the personal statement button there is no submission button or anything ?

    Why is this?



    • Hi Steph,

      Once you click the Personal Statement tab in your user account, there should be a link for you to add/edit your Personal Statement form. If this is not appearing, please try clearing your browser cache: http://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/home/

      If that doesn’t solve the problem, please call us on 1300 364 133 so that we can assist you.


  7. Hello,

    I am positive that I submitted my SEAS on time as I did it with my class at school under instruction from the careers manager (months ago), however, When I open the SEAS tab on the VTAC website I am unable to view my SEAS receipt? How am I able to ensure that I submitted it and put my worrying at ease?


  8. Hi Michael,

    We can’t discuss individual applications on the blog for privacy reasons. You can call us on 1300 364 133 to check the status of your SEAS application.


  9. Hi, i have submitted SEAS application with documentation successfully. However, i was wondering if i could edit impact statement in any way? or is it too late for that? i felt it could have been expressed better but i was in rush to meed deadline

  10. Why am i still waiting for.my results.
    Why am i been treated differently
    I had two collapsed lungs and did rather well . I was told.to apply for seas in case.. on offer day i get an email saying you are looking at.my app. Why wasnt this done b4.. after all you have my score and seas paperwork two weeks prior.. Bearocracy. And you have the audacity of telling me not to call or wait.till possibly the next round.of.offers… NOT HAPPY

  11. Hi Manny,

    I’m not sure which email you are referring to. You are always welcome to call VTAC on 1300 364 133 with any questions about your application.


  12. Hi I’ve made a mistake in my scholarship and SEAS application I put down what I thought was my CRN for Centrelink. Is there any chance that I could update my information?

    • Hi Mingmei,

      At this stage there is no way to update the SEAS application. You can add Centrelink documents to your personal statement as described in this post, but consideration is at the discretion of courses.


  13. how do I supply a supporting document for the application for SEAS. I missed that step. or do i send it to th university? Not sure if I
    am required to add the supporting document electronically. what options plse. I understand supporting documentation to SEAS applic can still be supplied even after the due closing date.

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      It is not possible to add SEAS documentation after the closing date. Personal statement documentation, as described above, can be added until the end of the application period. However, as the final offer round is on Monday, it is unlikely that selection officers will be able to consider any documents added today (Friday). You could try contacting the institution directly, but again as the offer round is the next working day, they may have already finalised their selection decisions.


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