Closing dates for SEAS and Scholarships approaching

Please be advised that the closing date for SEAS Applications and supporting documentation is 5pm, Tuesday 6 October.

Supporting statements can take some time to follow up, so now is a good time to finalise doctor’s appointments, call Centrelink and ask for statements to be completed by your nominated responsible person.

Want to know if you’re eligible for SEAS? Please refer to our website.

If you’re submitting a scholarship application, please be advised that the closing date for scholarship applications and supporting documentation is 5pm, Friday 16 October. Applicants may use the same statement of support for both their SEAS and Scholarships applications. When doing this, please ensure that you supply two separate copies with two separate coversheets – one for SEAS with a SEAS coversheet and one for Scholarships with a Scholarships coversheet. The postal address you need to send to is printed on these coversheets.

Applicants also have the option of submitting their SEAS and Scholarship supporting documents online through their VTAC accounts. Please see our previous post Can I upload my documents? for more information.

If your health care professional or responsible person is submitting their statement online for both SEAS and Scholarships, please ensure that you select ‘Combined SEAS/Scholarship statement of support’ when generating the one time log-in.

Please find the information regarding types of scholarships offered through VTAC on our website. This is in no way an exhaustive list of all scholarships offered by Victorian institutions. We also recommend that you read our extra information about scholarships not offered through VTAC.

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  1. THANKS…for keep me informed by via Email VTAC BLOG now on i have more detailed new to keep my application through…

  2. Thanks for doing a great job of keeping us informed and up to date with all the deadlines.

    If one has lodged a statement of support online for SEAS application and later decides to have the same person do a statement of support for the scholarship, is it possible to submit the same application used for SEAS by the same person?

    • Hi Anju,

      The online statement of support can only be combined if that option is chosen BEFORE the request is sent to the provider of the statement.

      If you later apply for scholarships, you have two options:
      1. Generate a new statement of support login for that person, choosing the “scholarships” option, OR
      2. The provider of the statement will have received a PDF receipt containing the full text of their statement. You can ask them to send you a copy of that, which you can then upload or mail in as a supporting document for your scholarships application.

      Please let us know if you need any more information about this!


  3. Hi

    I’m transferring uni and I have already logged on VTAC and applied for the course I want, I was going to ask. Do I need to apply for seas again for this? And Do I have to pay the fees required ?!
    Reply ASAP please

    Nahid Jahani

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Hi Nahid,

      A VTAC account lasts for one year only (August until July of the next year), so if you have registered again you will need to pay the registration fee and fill in any applications again (for courses, SEAS, and Scholarships).

      Kind regards,

  4. Can I provide a hard copy SEAS supporting statement on a Medical letterhead with a coversheet rather than on the form you provide?

    • Hi Julie,

      Yes you can – it’s fine for a statement to be provided on letterhead instead of the template provided. Just make sure all of the required information is included.


  5. Can we alter our SEAS application after the deadline date? If we have not yet uploaded supporting documents can this be done after the deadline date?

  6. Hi, I was just wondering if my scholarship application is still valid if i uploaded my supporting document a minute before the close off time? (I know, really stupid) It still says ‘pending assessment’.

    • Hi Shine,

      If it appears there in the list of files, then it has been successfully received by VTAC. Don’t worry about the “pending assessment” label – your documents will be verified by VTAC and approved or rejected in the next few days.


  7. At the moment my support documents are still in “pending assessment”. If they are rejected after the closed date, what do I do?

    • Hi Anne,

      No further documents can be added after the closing date, so please check the requirements carefully for each category to ensure that you have submitted all requirements by the closing date.


  8. Hello

    I uploaded by supporting statement for SEAS, but it says “pending assessment” does that mean it not yet submitted or is it received by VTAC?

    • Hi Helen,

      If it appears there in the list of files, then it has been successfully received by VTAC. Don’t worry about the “pending assessment” label – your documents will be verified by VTAC and approved or rejected in the next few days.


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