Can I submit my documents online?

Some supporting documents can be submitted online through your VTAC User Account.

What can be uploaded?

– Supporting documentation for SEAS (including Statements of Support)

– Supporting documentation for Scholarships (including Centrelink statements)

What CANNOT be uploaded and needs to be mailed as a certified copy to VTAC?

– Change of name evidence, including marriage certificates

– Documents relating to any study claims (such as transcripts, completion certificates)

– Supporting documentation for Personal Statements (including references, resumes and awards)

– Any other supporting information relating to your application.

How to upload


In both the SEAS tab and Scholarships tab of your VTAC User Account, you will see the ‘Supporting document upload’ option (see image above). Documents can be uploaded in PDF or JPG format, however PDFs must not be saved as ‘Secure PDF’ documents. If you are having trouble uploading a PDF, please check for the word ‘Secure’ in the file name (see below) and if it appears, print the document and scan again as a JPG.

Remember that SEAS documentation will not be used for Scholarships and vice versa, so you will need to upload relevant copies in both sections.


What is the one-time login for Statements of Support?

Another option for Statements of Support is to email a one-time login and password through your user account to the person completing the statement.  If you are applying for SEAS and Scholarships and intend to use the same statement to support both applications, please complete both of these applications prior to generating the log-in. Once you have submitted an application, the link to generate this one-time login will be available from the relevant page of your User Account.

The person providing the Statement of Support will receive an email with the generated login and password and will be able to log in using those details to write the statement. They will not have access to any other areas of your VTAC application, personal information or data.


Sending documents via post

Documents (including statements of support) can also be mailed in hard copy format with a coversheet printed from your User Account (see Coversheets tab) to the address on the coversheet. All copies must be certified. Remember to include duplicate copies and all relevant coversheets if you are using the same documents for both SEAS and Scholarships.

Important notes about documentation

– The option to upload supporting documents and print coversheets will only become available once a course application has been completed.

– Statements of support must be completed by a responsible person.

– SEAS and Scholarships supporting documents do not need to be certified however all other documents must be.

Documentation Closing Dates

5pm Tuesday 6 October for Personal Statement and Course Application documentation to be considered for early offer round (this only applies to Non-school leavers).

5pm Tuesday 6 October for SEAS documentation.

5pm Friday 16 October for Scholarships documentation.

5pm Wednesday 11 November for graduate entry teaching documentation.

5pm Friday 4 December for Personal Statement and Course Application documentation to be considered for all other offer rounds.

34 replies

  1. Hi, when you upload an online document and it says “pending assessment” how do you now it has been approved and will that change?

  2. When it said centrelink statement does that applies to centrelink proof of receiving benefit.

    “Evidence to support the receipt of current Centrelink benefits received by someone in your household other than you (i.e. parents/partner). Write your name at the top of the document and the relationship of the person to you next to their name on each hardcopy document submitted.”

    It said this in the email I received but I am now confused. So do I have to send a hardcopy or submit online? or both?

    • Hi Mavia,

      Submitting uploaded supporting documents through the link in your user account is the same as sending them in by hardcopy. You can do whichever is easier (online or hardcopy), but there’s no need to do both.

      The upload feature is new this year which is why that text still refers to “hardcopy” – we’ll update that text soon!


    • Hi Daniel,

      You certainly can upload multiple statements – although most people generally only need one statement of support per category.


      • Does the person writing the statement of support have to use the pdf SEAS Statement of Support form available through my VTAC account or can they write their statement on their own letterhead.

    • It may be because the documents were not clear enough, or not scanned. If your documents are rejected and you’re not sure why, best to give VTAC a call and we can explain over the phone.

  3. Hi,
    How do I know when universities have reviewed my application for scholarships if they were applied through VTAC? and how can we apply for a specific scholarship?

    • Institutions will review scholarship applications after the closing date of 16 September. To apply for a specific scholarship, you’ll need to follow the advice offered by the institution.

  4. Hi, I have submitted documentation for SEAS and it has been approved. However, I had forgotten mention the relationship of the person and the like. Does it matter since it has already been approved of? or would I have to submit another one?

  5. I have only just submitted my SEAS documentation as I had confusion of if information was collected by CRN if it was not yours.
    Will it most likely be approved before tomorrow?

    • Hi Dana,

      We continue to process/approve documentation after the closing date – you just can’t upload any new documents. So don’t worry if your documents are still pending!


  6. Which portal do I use to log in to write the SEAS statement of support online? The candidate already generated a login password for me.

  7. What if my documents i have uploaded are not enough proof but the due date has already gone by, would i not be qualified for that category anymore, due to not enough evidence for one specific category? Or would i still be able to upload the document afterwards?

    • Hi Aisha,

      No further documents can be uploaded or mailed in after the closing date, so please check the requirements for each category carefully in advance of the closing date.


  8. how long does it take for documents “pending assessment” to be “approved”? Will it be before the closing date of 4 October 2016??

    • Hi Iman,

      It can take up to a couple of weeks for online submissions to be reviewed (including after the closing date), so don’t stress if your documents do not say “approved” by the closing date – this will happen eventually.


  9. For some reason I was able to upload a supporting document on my seas at 5:30 today ( deadline is 5 pm). Is there a chance that it will be accepted?

    • Hi Tima,

      The SEAS closing deadline was briefly extended to account for some site slowness close to the closing time. If you were able to upload your document successfully after 5pm, it will be accepted for your SEAS application.


  10. I have uploaded my supporting documents for my SEAS applicaton before 5 pm today, but it says it is on pending ,
    does it mean it is on the system and will be accepted? (due to uploaded before 5)
    or it has to be accepted before 5 pm 10/10/2017 from VTAC ?

    • Hi Marzia,

      Pending is the default term for all uploaded documents. As long as the correct document is on our system by the deadline (which it currently is if it says ‘pending’) and it is legible, there shouldn’t be an issue.

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