Privacy matters

Please remember that our Facebook wall is public and refrain from attaching any personal documentation or private information associated with your course application, SEAS application or Scholarships application.

VTAC will answer general questions through Facebook, but if it’s personal and includes information such as your VTAC ID and PIN or your student number, please keep these for secure occasions where your identity can be confirmed.

If your question is general and you don’t mind it being released into cyberspace:

Got a personal question?

If your question is personal, please telephone or email us directly. You can:

  • telephone VTAC on 1300 364 133
  • email VTAC through the password protected VTAC User Account Message Centre, OR
    if you haven’t got a User Account, via the Help Centre.

What about my documentation?

If you need to send VTAC any confidential information associated with one or more of your applications then please don’t use Facebook. The most appropriate way to send your documentation is by mail with a coversheet printed from your User Account or by using the online services provided in your password protected VTAC user account.

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