What is a Personal Statement?

If you have already submitted your course application, you may be wondering if you can supply extra information to support your previous academic study. This could include work experience, community involvement, language proficiency, or simply just explaining why you are passionate about embarking on your preferred choice of future study.

For some courses, selection officers only require you to submit a course application and any relevant documentation associated with it; for other courses, however, selection officers may want to know more about you. This is where the Personal Statement comes into play.

The Personal Statement is an online form available through your VTAC user account which gives you the opportunity to express yourself more fully and give the selection officers a better understanding of who you are and what experience or motivation could be driving your decision.

Personal Statement screenshot

The Personal Statement is a selection requirement for some courses – this means that it is compulsory to complete the Personal Statement in order be considered for selection in the course.

To check whether you should complete the Personal Statement, use CourseSearch to search for the courses in your preferences. The course description will say if you must submit a Personal Statement or not in the selection requirements section of the course entry (or, if the Personal Statement is listed as an additional consideration, completing it is not required but may boost your application).

You can only submit one VTAC Personal Statement. The General Statement (Question 1) should be relevant to all your course preferences (that consider a Personal Statement). You will be able to make course-specific statements if you wish in Question 5. You can also check each institution’s page for institution-specific instructions regarding completion of the VTAC Personal Statement. Please note: there are character limits on the form fields so check these before you start working on your statements.

You can view and edit your Personal Statement until the final VTAC Personal Statement closing date. See important dates.

To submit a VTAC Personal Statement, you must complete at least one section. Blank forms are not accepted. If you wish to provide a resume or reference letters with your personal statement, these can be provided by attaching them to a Personal Statement Coversheet (which you can download from your user account) and posting to: VTAC, 40 Park St, South Melbourne VIC 3205. The supporting documentation will then be scanned and attached to your application.

Still unsure if you have to submit a Personal Statement? Submit one anyway – better to have it and not need it than the other way around. If you do complete the Personal Statement and it’s not a requirement, you won’t be disadvantaged.

4 replies

  1. The website refers to a Personal Statement demo but I haven’t been able to find one despite following the links.. It would be useful to have one.

  2. Hi,
    I was just wondering whether you need to provide evidences under the academic performances in your Personal Statement?


    • Only if it is a requirement for the course/s you’re applying for. Any study results you have provided will be circulated with your application, so don’t have to be included on the PS unless required by the course.

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