What is an Admissions Test?

Admissions Tests are used as a form of assessment to determine your competency, ability to analyse, understand and to think critically about issues. A course may use an admissions test as a basis for selection.

VTAC runs exams for the Australian Law Schools Entrance Test (ALSET) and the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) in both Multiple Choice and Written English formats.

The ALSET is a requirement for Deakin Law courses, however not all applicants will need to sit the ALSET. Deakin provides more information on this page on their website.

Why would I need to sit an Admissions Test?

You may need to sit an Admissions Test if you haven’t studied in a few years, or don’t have any qualifications that can be assessed for selection into a course.

If an Admissions Test is listed as a Selection Requirement in the course entry in CourseSearch, this means that it is necessary to complete the test in order to be considered for a place in the course. Here is an example of how an Admissions Test will appear in the Selection Criteria on CourseSearch:

Sitting a STAT may only be a requirement for some applicants (depending on previous experience and studies) so check carefully.

The STAT and ALSET is not a requirement for students currently studying a year 12 program, who are applying through VTAC to a Victorian institution.

The rules around STAT exams change from state-to-state, so if you’re applying to an institution outside of Victoria, it is possible that you will need to sit a STAT. Check the institution you’re applying to.

If you have read all of the information available on the course and it’s still not clear to you whether you need to sit an Admissions Test, contact the institution directly as to whether you need to sit or not and get their response in writing.

If you book the wrong date, or can’t attend on the day, you may be able to change to another scheduled sitting if there are places available, however the refund policy is very strict so if you book a test first without checking if it’s a requirement, you won’t necessarily receive a refund.

STAT and ALSET dates
Scheduled sitting dates and times can be found on the VTAC website. There are both regional and metro sittings. See Where and When: STAT and Where and When: ALSET.

How to book an Admissions Test

Admissions Tests are booked through your user account. First register for a user account and then log in to book a session. If you live more than two hours from a test centre or have a medical condition or disability that prevents you from sitting a scheduled test, a STAT special sitting and ALSET Special Sitting can be arranged.

Other Admissions Tests

For information on other admissions tests, such as the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admissions Test (UMAT), the International Student Admissions Test (ISAT) and the VETASSESS, please visit their respective websites.

Preparing for an Admissions Test

The STAT Candidate Information Booklet contains a number of practice questions to help you prepare, as does the ALSET Candidate Information Booklet.

There are also STAT Workshops throughout the application period, designed to help you prepare for the test. More information can be found on the VTAC Website under Preparing for a test: STAT.


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