Am I considered mature age?

The term ‘mature age’ can be confusing, so we’ll do our best to make the process a little clearer. Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind:

•    The course application will ask a number of questions that will determine the type of applicant you are (for example, whether or not you have a Year 12 qualification or are considered a non-Year 12 applicant).
•    The concept of ‘mature age’ does not necessarily mean that you will automatically qualify for a course.
•    Each institution has their own definition and rules around what it considers mature age, so to be considered on the basis of your age, you will need to apply for Special Consideration (SEAS), specifically Category 1.

The Course Application

You don’t need to declare yourself ‘mature age’ during registration or application. All you need to do is to answer the application questions accurately and it will automatically determine your application category.

When adding courses to your preferences list, it’s important that you make sure you are meeting the correct Selection Criteria for your applicant type (Year 12 or non-Year 12). How do you know which type you are?

•    If you completed Year 12 any number of years ago, and have done no further study at or above Certificate IV level since then, you are considered a Year 12 applicant.
•    If you didn’t complete Year 12, or if you completed Year 12 and have since attempted or completed any study at or above Certificate IV since then, you are considered a non-Year 12 applicant.

Confused? Check out our video which goes through some examples. If you’re not sure, the simplest way to check is to submit a course application. We will ask you questions online as part of the application process, and tell you at the end which type of applicant you are.

SEAS – The special consideration application: Category 1

Personal information and location

When you apply for SEAS: Category 1, the application considers demographic information you have supplied on your application, including your age. Institutions can use this information as an alternative for some who may not meet the minimum tertiary entrance requirements.

While we recommend that all applicants apply for Category 1 of SEAS, it is especially important for mature age applicants. Without applying for Category 1 of SEAS, institutions have no way of knowing that you are mature age, and won’t be able to grant you any special consideration available on that basis.

To make sure that you qualify for the courses you’re applying to, make sure you follow some of the following as a guide:
1.    Check the Selection Requirements of individual courses on CourseSearch to see what else you need to do to support your application.
2.    Apply for SEAS, including Category 1 through your VTAC User Account.
3.    Check the criteria for SEAS from the institution you’re applying to – for example, some institutions require those applying under mature age consideration (SEAS Category 1) to sit an Admissions Test.
4.    Check for other special consideration programs that may be available to you.

4 replies

  1. I completed Year 12 ten years ago in QLD, since then I have done a Certificate III in Bar Operations and no further study. But when I was at High School in Year 11 or 12 I did a program with my school hosted by Gold Coast Tafe where I did a single “introduction” module (PRDRE13A- Obtain property listings) of a Certificate IV in Property (Real Estate) that was meant to serve as a taste of the course. If applying for a degree course, would I be a Year 12 Applicant or a non-Year 12 Applicant? Judging by that video I think I’m a Year 12 Applicant as I never completed a proper Certificate IV… But I just want some kind of further verification of that.
    Thank You

    • Hi Beau, thanks for the question. It sounds like you would be a Year 12 Applicant, if the Cert IV that you completed was part of your Year 12 qualification (e.g. if it was not done post-secondary). When you register and apply you will be allocated an applicant category based on the information you provide. This category indicator will appear on the Course Application tab in your user account.

  2. Just curious as to what category students who completed Year 12 prior to this year, who have done no further study but went non scored in VCE would choose?

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