Course applications for 2016 are now open

You are now able to register for a VTAC user account to apply for courses commencing in 2016. Admissions tests bookings, special consideration (SEAS) and scholarship applications are also now open and are accessible from your account.
How to register for an account

Follow the link on our home page or click here.

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Important things to remember

● Make sure you complete your own course application. Don’t let anyone apply for you, even parents or teachers.

● Don’t stress about making mistakes – you have plenty of time to make edits to your details and change your course preferences. All relevant deadlines are listed on the Dates and Fees page of the VTAC website.

● You don’t need to work out what kind of applicant you are before you start. Your applicant type (Year 12 or Non-Year 12) will be automatically determined by the information you provide.

Changes this year for Year 12 students

Year 12 students are no longer required to use their VCAA student ID number as their VTAC user ID. Instead you will be allocated a VTAC ID when you register on the VTAC website. You will however need to enter your VCE student number as part of the registration process, so keep it handy.

Don’t understand what all these words mean?

That’s okay. Throughout this week on the blog we’ll be featuring everything you need to know about special consideration (SEAS), scholarships, admissions tests (STAT and ALSET) and mature age applicants, along with demonstration videos on how to make an application. Timely applications don’t close until 5pm, Wednesday 30 September so you have plenty of time to make sense of it all. For now, check out our previous post on how to use the new CourseSearch to research your course options.

21 replies

  1. I have been wondering if I need to sit a STAT being a NY12 applicant but I have recently completed my Diploma of Nursing. Wanna make sure.

    • Hi Kristina, it depends whether or not the course lists it as a requirement. If you’re not sure from the information in the course entry (see: CourseSearch) it’s best to check with the institution, whether you need to sit it based on your previous educational history.

  2. Hi, I’m currently doing year 12 in NSW and am looking to study in Victoria (perhaps Deakin or Federation Uni) in 2016. I have just registered with VTAC, What else do I have to do to ensure that I can apply to a victorian university? I am attending open days this weekend.
    Thanks Josh

    • Hi Josh, I hope you enjoyed the open days. If you’ve registered for a user account, identified yourself as an Interstate Year 12 student and included your student ID, it sounds like you’ve done everything right – we can access interstate results electronically to include on your application. You can create a preferences list and ensure you meet the selection requirements (see CourseSearch for a comprehensive listing) for any of the courses you’re applying for and then apply for anything further that you need – e.g. SEAS and scholarships.

  3. I did a 3/4 subject last year. Does that count as a “claim 2″ under “Educational history – Secondary studies”?

    • Yes, for every year you completed a unit 3/4 study, you would need to create a separate claim. E.g. If you completed a unit 3/4 study in 2014, Claim 2 is where you list that study from 2014. If you also completed a unit 3/4 study in 2013, you would create a third claim, and so on.

  4. Q. How do I apply for admission as a local student with overseas IB qualifications?

    My child is an Australian citizen, studying IB program overseas, outside of Australia. Shall we apply directly through VTAC to universities undergraduate program in VIC?
    Will the universities VIC assess my application on equal footing with all the Australian local students based on the same academic results and achievement? For example one Australian local student studying IB program in Australia who apply to the same university as my child applying from Overseas. If they both attain the same academic results and apply for the same course in the same university, will my child be disadvantage due to our domestic student application come from overseas?

    • Hello Dy. As an Australian Citizen your child can apply through VTAC and if they are completing a Year 12 qualification overseas they can be assessed and follow the selection criteria for Year 12 applicants. Keep in mind they may need to provide their IB number on their application to allow VTAC to access those results electronically, or where required, hard copies of documents. When your son or daughter registers and applies, by answering all questions honestly they will be notified which applicant group they fit – this will be on the Course Application page in the user account, but based on the information you have provided this would be as a Year 12 applicant.

  5. I’ve been trying to register for a vtac log in but once I fill in my details (including yes I have studied under a different name) I don’t seem to be aw to proceed. Is there a way around this?

    • Hi Michelle,

      I have tried to recreate this problem but have been unable to. Would you mind giving us a call on 1300 364 133, so we can try to identify the problem?

    • Out of interest, are you using the Safari browser? We couldn’t recreate this problem using Google Chrome but it did happen using Safari on a Mac.

  6. I finished yr 12 in 2012, and go to work straight away. But next year I wish to go back to uni. My atar score in 2012 was 93.95, is it possible to get in Melbourne uni science bachelor? Do I need any further requirement?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Tingting,

      To check the requirements for that course, use the CourseSearch tool on the VTAC website: . For the University of Melbourne Science course you have mentioned, there are some prerequisite subjects required – these are all listed in the course entry as part of the selection criteria.

      Once you have checked that you meet the requirements for that course, you can complete a VTAC application online and list that course as your first preference.


  7. I did a 3/4 subject in a language school (not my day school) so do I put the name of my language school down under claim 2 or the day school I’m enrolled in?

  8. Hi just wondering about scholarship applications and whether or not taking a gap year affects the way the scholarships work. If I’m planning to take a gap year do I still check yes for “I am planning to lodge a course application through VTAC in 2015 for studies commencing in 2016” and “I am planning to reside on-campus in 2016 and want to apply for an on-campus accommodation scholarship”?

    • Hi Izzy,

      Whether or not a scholarship can be deferred along with a place in a course depends on the policy of that particular scholarship – some can be deferred, some can’t be. If you are applying through VTAC this year, answer yes to those questions – when you are a made an offer for a scholarship, contact the provider to ask if it can be deferred along with your course place.

      Remember too that you can apply for scholarships through VTAC without lodging a course application – so if you defer a place until 2017, you can also apply again for scholarships through VTAC in 2016 free of charge.


  9. Hi I’m completing my year 12 course this year however I plan on taking a gap year to gain some experience in the work force and I was wondering if I still need to apply this year of whether I can wait until the applications open up next year and apply then.

    Kind Regards,

    Hannah Read

    • Hi Hannah,

      You only need to create a VTAC account when you’re actually applying for courses – so in your case, you’ll make an account in August next year to apply for 2018 courses. You can still access your ATAR and VCE results at the end of this year without making a VTAC account, and these results will still be available for you to use when you apply next year.


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