VTAC CourseSearch and prerequisite search

VTAC CourseSearch is an online search tool that allows users to search for over 1,000 different types of courses. CourseSearch is your most accurate list of courses and course information.

Using CourseSearch you can:

  • search for courses using a keyword or course code
  • filter searches to just include they keyword from the course name/qualification title
  • create a range of short lists for further reference
  • export a search, save a short list of courses to send to one or more people by email
  • tailor searches to an institution, type of qualification and field of interest
  • develop a range of study plan scenarios for year 10 and 11 students and check prerequisites for 2018 (Year 10) and 2017 (Year 11) and print them for future reference

CourseSearch 2016

Prerequisite CourseSearch

The newest feature for 2016 is Prerequisite CourseSearch.

To use the prerequisite search, just start typing in the first few letters of a VCE or VCE VET study and then select the subject from the drop down menu. Once selected the program begins to build.

CourseSearch Prerequisite 2016


Once a program or part program is complete, choose the year in which the student intends to apply for courses:

  • 2016 (current year 12 students)
  • 2017 (current year 11 students)
  • 2018 (current year 10 students)

There is also an opportunity to include an ATAR range, although this is not compulsory.

CourseSearch ATAR rangeOnce the list has been created, users can short list courses and email them to themselves, or PDF the page and email for future reference.

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