VTAC eGuide 2016 now available

The Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre is pleased to announce the release of The VTAC eGuide 2016, a digital version of the VTAC Guide. The VTAC eGuide 2016 is available for purchase at $4.99 (incl. GST) from the Apple iBooks Store and the Google Play Store.

System requirements

Apple iBooks: To view this book, you must have an iOS device (iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch) with iBooks 3 or later and iOS 4.3 or later, or a Mac with iBooks 1.0 or later and OS X 10.9 or later.

The devices accessing the book will need to be connected to an Apple ID which can purchase apps, books and other content from the iTunes Store.

Google Play Books: An Android device capable of running the Google Play Books app (specifications and version of Android required vary by device, but an Android 3.0+ tablet is recommended).

Google Play Books is also available on the Chrome Web Store, as an app for the Google Chrome web browser.

The Google Play Books app is also available for iOS. It requires iOS 7.0 or later, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The Google Play apps will need to be logged in to your Google Account.

Network requirements: You will need an active internet connection to purchase and download the book, although it can be viewed offline once the download is complete.

The size of the eGuide can be quite large (up to 108 MB on iBooks), so it is recommended that you have a fast and stable network connection if possible. The iBooks version is larger than the version on Google Play, so if your network’s speed or data allowance may be problematic, you may prefer to download the Google Play version on iOS.

The book can be downloaded over 3G or 4G cellular connections, but be aware of the speed and impact on the data allowance of your account.

Buying and downloading the VTAC eGuide on iBooks

  1. Open the iBooks app on your iOS device or Mac.
  2. Search for ‘vtac’ and click on VTAC eGuide 2016.
  3. In the search results or in the info sheet, tap or click on the price “$4.99” and then “Buy Book” to confirm your purchase – you will probably need to enter your iTunes Store password or Touch ID at this point.
  4. Wait for the book to download into your iBooks library – it should take about 15 minutes to fully download, but your time may vary depending on the speed and reliability of your connection. If you download to your computer in iBooks on the Mac or iTunes in Windows, you can transfer or sync the book to your devices using iTunes.


Buying and downloading the VTAC eGuide on Google Play

  1. Use a web browser on your computer or device, go to the Google Play Books Store at https://play.google.com/store/books?hl=en
  2. Search for ‘vtac’, and the VTAC publications will appear.
  3. Click on VTAC eGuide 2016 and then the “$4.99 Buy” button (this may say “$4.99 $3.69 Buy” if it is on special in the store), and follow the payment instructions to pay from your Google Wallet.
  4. The VTAC eGuide will now be activated for your Google Account. You can read it in the browser, or download it to the Google Play Books app on Android, iOS or Chrome. It should take 6-8 minutes to download depending on the speed and reliability of your network connection.


Interactivity and navigation

External hyperlinks to websites will work in both versions of the eGuide. iOS devices and Macs will open the link in the Safari browser. The Google Play Books app pens web links in an in-app browser window.

Internal links, such clicking on an item in the table of contents to jump to that page, will work in iBooks but not in the Google Play Books app.

Clicking on links in the web viewer of Google Play Books will not directly open the link, but will bring up a contextual menu allowing you to search for the web link in Google.


Click on the Navigation icons in the apps to access the following navigation options:

  • Page thumbnails
  • Section headings
  • Personal bookmarks

Additionally, clicking on a chapter or section in the table of contents on pages 3 and 4 will jump to that section of the book (iBooks only).


Note-taking and highlighting are not supported in the iBooks and Google Play apps. The Google Books web viewer does allow note-taking and highlighting.


All apps allow you to enter a word or search term which will be found throughout the eGuide – this can include course codes, other course search keywords like course names or major studies.


iBooks and the Google Books web viewer and Chrome web app allow selection of terms and phrases to be searched for in the rest of the book, on the web, or in Wikipedia, or defined in the device’s built-in dictionary.

Copying and screenshots

Selection and copying of text is not possible in the iBooks and Google Play apps. The Google Play web viewer does allow selection and copying of text.

Screenshots can be taken of pages in the eGuide, using the combination of buttons to trigger a screenshot on your device or computer.

If you want to annotate the front section of the Guide, you can download a PDF file of this section for free from the Publications section of the VTAC website – this can be annotated and copied using PDF apps such as Adobe Acrobat.


Can I use the VTAC eGuide on more than one device?

Yes, with both the Apple and Google versions, you can download the VTAC eGuide to any device connected to the account used to purchase the book.

Can I look at a sample of the eGuide before I buy it?

Yes, both iBooks and Google Play allow you to download a sample extract of the books for free, so you can ascertain whether the content and functionality meet your requirements.
A PDF file of the front section of the VTAC Guide (excluding institution and course information) can also be downloaded for free from the VTAC website.

Will the eGuide be updated with corrections and course amendments?

Due to the size and complexity of the book and the frequency and volume of amendments, it is not feasible to maintain and provide an updated version of the eGuide on the stores. To keep up-to-date on amendments to VTAC courses, check the list on the VTAC website at http://www.vtac.edu.au/courses-inst/courseupdates.html and subscribe to the VTAC Blog (https://blog.vtac.edu.au/).

I am a careers practitioner at a school. Can my school purchase bulk copies of the VTAC eGuide for our students?

Apple and Google operate bulk purchase programs for educational institutions to provision apps and other store content to devices administered through their device management systems. Unfortunately the Google program is only available in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada, not Australia at present. Apple’s program is available in Australia, but has not been tested or proven to work with the VTAC eGuide (if your school is able to volume purchase and provide the eGuide to students in this way, please let us know).

Apple Volume Purchase Program for Education: https://www.apple.com/au/education/it/vpp/

iBooks also allows “gifting” of books to another Apple ID, which may allow small scale purchase on behalf of students or other parties. See https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT201783 for information and instructions.

Google Play for Education – Bulk content purchases (not currently available in Australia): https://support.google.com/edu/play/answer/3396716?hl=en

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