Reminder: Mid-year applications closing this Friday

Mid-year applications for courses commencing in semester 2 this year are closing at 5pm, this Friday 5 June.

To see which courses are available for mid-year entry, go to CourseSearch on the VTAC website.

Mid-year course applications are available to domestic applicants only, except for international students who are currently studying at the University of Melbourne and are seeking a course transfer within the University.

How to apply

Before you can apply you need to register for a VTAC user account.

If you registered an account last year, you will still be able to access it using your existing user name and password. Accounts registered from August to December 2014 will remain active until the last business day of July 2015.

If you made an application between August and December last year (and paid the application fee) you can reactivate your application for mid-year, however as some courses are not available for mid-year entry you will need to submit a new list of course preferences.

For more information, see How to apply for courses.

Mid-year application deadlines and fees

Mid-year applications close at 5pm on Friday 5 June 2015.
The fee for new applications is $43, while reactivated applications have a fee of $20.
For more information see Dates and fees.

After you apply, check out these recent blog posts for more information:

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