Ordering your Preferences

When you submit a course application through your user account, you will have the opportunity to add up to eight different courses to your preference list.

Throughout the Mid-year application period (until the closing date of Friday 5 June) you can change your preferences and add, remove or re-order them as you like.

If you do change your preferences, just remember that for any courses you add, you need to meet Selection Criteria, which can be found in the course listing on CourseSearch.

Always order your preferences in the order you want to take them.

The way that the offer system works is that if you receive an offer, it will always be the highest preference on your list that you’re eligible for, because it assumes that you have ordered your preferences in the order that you want to take the course.

For example, in the example preference list below, if this applicant really wanted to take Journalism over any other course on their preference list, they may potentially be eligible for an offer, but not be offered this course, as they have their first preference of Arts (Extended), indicating that it is the most preferred course. If they receive an offer for Arts (Extended), they will not be eligible for any further offers during the application period.

Ordering preferences

However, if they were made an offer for their second preference, they would still be considered for their higher preferences in the following offer rounds. Although further offers are not guaranteed.

Listing a number of different preferences is a good way to maximise your opportunity to receive course offers, but it’s important that you list them in order that you most want to take them.

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