Providing Supporting Documentation

Depending on your previous study claims, supporting documentation may be required to verify your qualifications and results. If you have completed studies under a previous name, you will also need to provide proof of name change.

VTAC can match previous study results from some institutions, but not all. If you need to provide additional information or hard copies, you will be prompted during the application process when you make your study claims. You can also check ‘Messages’ tab in your User Account to see if additional documentation is required for any of your study claims after your application and claims have been submitted.

Supporting documentation may also be required for Personal Statements and SEAS applications. For more information, see this blog about Impact Statements and Statements of Support we posted yesterday.

How to submit your documents

Any supporting documentation that you provide needs to be a certified copy of the original document that is clear and easy to read. Examples of how to get documents certified are on this page on the VTAC website, along with some examples of how to provide documents.

The documents need to be sent by mail to: VTAC, 40 Park Street, South Melbourne, Victoria, 3205, Australia. Due to the requirement for certification, VTAC cannot accept documents submitted online or by email.

You can also bring your documents in person to the VTAC office (at the same address).

Once VTAC has processed your documentation, the study claims in your User Account for which you have supplied documentation will appear as ‘Locked and Verified’. This is how you can tell when your documentation has been received and was certified correctly.

In general, VTAC will send you a message through your User Account if there is a problem with documents you have submitted (e.g., they are not certified correctly, or do not substantiate your study claims). However, there might be other situations where VTAC is not able to contact you (e.g., if documents are lost in the mail before reaching VTAC). It is your responsibility as an applicant to ensure the documentation is received, so if your study claims remain ‘unverified’ a couple of weeks after you have sent documents, you should contact VTAC. Your documents are then sent to institutions on your behalf. Once selection has been made and your documents are no longer required, they will be securely destroyed.

It’s really important that your documents reach VTAC by the deadline on your application. For more info, see key dates on the VTAC Website.

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