Am I considered Mature Age?

Returning to study? The term “mature age” can be confusing, so we’ll do our best to make the process a little clearer.

Firstly, there’s only one course application form for everyone. You don’t need to complete a specific application based on your age.

You don’t need to declare yourself ‘mature age’ during registration or application. All you need to do is to answer the application questions accurately and it will designate your application category. See the screenshot below.


SEAS – The special consideration application: Category 1

Although not all institutions define Mature Age as a consideration for entry, by applying for Special Consideration (SEAS), specifically Category 1, you will automatically be considered for a number of factors, of which age is one.

Using the demographic information you have provided during your course application, SEAS: Category 1 automatically determines your eligibility for any special consideration under this category, including on the basis of your age.

To make sure that you qualify for the courses you’re applying to:

1.  Check the Selection Requirements of individual courses on CourseSearch to see what else you need to do to support your application.

2.  Apply for SEAS, including Category 1 through your user account.

3.  Check the criteria for SEAS from the institution you’re applying to – for example, some institutions require those applying under mature age consideration (SEAS, Category 1) to sit an Admissions Test.

4.  Check for other special consideration programs that may be available to you.

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