Mid-year applications opening soon

Feel like you missed the boat for courses last year? Mid-year entry is just around the corner!

Mid-year applications will open at 9am, Monday 13 April 2015, although not all courses will be accepting mid-year applications. You can check with the institution you’re interested in applying to, or wait for CourseSearch, our complete online course listing tool, which will be available in early April.

Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) is a special consideration process. It is for applicants who may have experienced educational disadvantage which has impacted their educational outcomes. There are a range of factors considered when you lodge a SEAS application. More information will be published about this closer to the application opening date.

Information about SEAS can be found on the VTAC website under Special Consideration and Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS).

One thing to note if you were an applicant at the end of 2014: your SEAS application and any supporting information you provided will be available for you to re-activate at Mid-Year.

It’s wise to check early if there are any Selection Requirements you need to complete in order to be considered for selection – such as an Admissions Test, a Personal Statement, even a SEAS application.

While SEAS is a good process to use if you have experienced educational disadvantage, it doesn’t exempt you from meeting Selection Criteria, the compulsory factors you need to meet in order to be considered for selection into a course. These may include things like submitting a folio, attending an interview or audition, submitting a Personal Statement or completing an Admissions Test like the STAT or ALSET.

For information on Admissions Tests, visit the STAT and ALSET page on the VTAC website.

Here’s an overview of key dates for Mid-year:

Mid-year course applications open
SEAS applications open                                           Monday 13 April 2015
STAT and ALSET registrations open

Mid-year STAT and ALSET registrations close          5pm, Wednesday 20 May 2015

Mid-year course applications close                          5pm, Friday 5 June 2015
SEAS applications close

Release of Mid-year offers                                       Friday, 19 June 2015

For a comprehensive list of key dates, check out the Dates and Fees page on the VTAC website.

Important information will be posted on this blog throughout the application process. Stay up-to-date by subscribing to this blog and by following VTAC on Twitter and Facebook.

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