Privacy matters

Please remember that our Facebook wall is public and refrain from attaching any personal documentation or private information associated with your course application, SEAS application or Scholarships application. VTAC will answer general questions through Facebook, but if it’s personal and includes information such as your VTAC ID and PIN or […]

Am I eligible for a scholarship?

There are many scholarships available through the VTAC and you don’t have to apply for a course to apply for scholarships. You can be enrolled or already studying and still apply for scholarships through us. Everyone should apply for scholarships. Why? There are so many available, you may not know […]

What is a Personal Statement?

If you have already submitted your course application, you may be wondering if you can supply extra information to support your previous academic study. This could include work experience, community involvement, language proficiency, or simply just explaining why you are passionate about embarking on your preferred choice of future study. […]


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