Other offer options

Supplementary offers Some institutions make supplementary offers after Round Two if they have places available. If you applied for courses with VTAC course codes ending in 1, 2 and 4, you may receive supplementary offers if you have not received an offer in any of the previous offer rounds. Applicants […]

Selection Data: what does it mean?

In the newspaper supplements and on the VTAC website you would have seen the selection standards for each course making offers through VTAC in the current year. The following is a break down about what the data means. The data represents the selection standard for Round One, Undergraduate offers for […]

Change of Preference: your questions answered

How does Change of Preference work? Change of Preference will reopen after each offer round, and close before the next one (until the last round). While Change of Preference is open, you can add, remove, and reorder your preferences as many times as you like from the ‘Course Application’ tab […]

Creating your own opportunities

Not everyone will receive a course offer today. If your name doesn’t appear in the newspaper or on the website supplement, you can: •    Check the permissions section of your VTAC user account to ensure that you have given VTAC permission to release your name to the newspapers. •    Check […]

Will my name appear in the newspapers?

If you have opted to have your offer printed in the press, your offer will be available from 2pm via the Herald Sun website, and in the printed supplement in tomorrow’s paper. A number of regional newspapers will be releasing printed supplements on or after Tuesday 19 January. These include […]

About Selection

VTAC does not select applicants or have the power to influence decisions made by selection authorities at institutions. The VTAC application and selection system operates on the assumptions that: •    you have paid your processing fees, •    you have listed your preferences for courses in the order that you most […]


You’ve received an offer for a course, now what? Specific enrolment details will be sent to you separately by the institution making the offer and you must follow these instructions to enrol. In some cases, enrolment will initially be completed online. In other cases you may be required to attend […]


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